Style Edit | Robin Gallant


Style Edit | Robin Gallant


Hi, I'm Robin! I'm super excited to get to share content with you on the Gymshark blog, especially Flex-themed content! First off, I'll share a bit about myself.

Although my passion has been style, fashion, designing and creating things from a very young age, my background is in academia. Being a naturally very inquisitive person, combined with parental pressure, led me to study science and engineering at university for almost six years. 

Just as you might imagine, school was very demanding and stressful. A year before finishing my degree I took some much-needed time off. 

Cue my discovery and newfound obsession with fitness - I was determined to use my scientific knowledge to learn everything I could around getting healthy and in shape. I documented my own personal fitness journey online as I continued school. Fast forward a few years, I had a degree, a successful YouTube channel, and I became a Gymshark sponsored Athlete! 

I'm just now realizing my childhood dream, and pursuing my first love, fashion. I am beyond excited to have my first chance to mesh my obsessions with personal style, and working out for you guys today, in the form of Gymshark's Style Edit!

Today, I'm taking Gymshark's iconic and all-new Flex range, with some of my other fav pieces from the range, plus some personal staples, to show you how I style my athletic wear to look trendy and put together to, and from the gym.

First off, I have the incredible light grey marl and pale turquoise Flex set, the full-length leggings and the cropped T-shirt. These look amazing on their own, but I've thrown on some tall white socks, black runners, black cropped denim jacket, and mirrored shades to kick it up a notch.

Second is mine - and I think everyone's - favourite Flex set. The pink/cranberry marl is obviously stand-out on its own. I've rolled up the hem of the leggings and pared the bright set down with a black drawstring crop, some black kicks and gold-framed sunnies, just for cool points lol.

Third, although I could go full matching set with the Flex range all day long, I decided I would switch it up. I think the charcoal/black marl band leggings look sick with the black bra. To stay warm as we approach autumn, I've thrown on a sweat denim jacket hybrid (so happy these exist), and just to be extra and potentially serve looks in gymwear (who knew), I've accessorized with some cat-eye frames, black fishnet socks, and plain white tennis shoes.

This last Flex combo gives me Catwoman or Black Widow vibes - either way it makes me feel like a female superhero. I'm wearing the black cropped T-shirt, with the black shorts - which are both new for this most recent launch. I think this combo has major style points on its own, however, I've added my sprinkle of extra in the form of black fishnet socks and a denim jacket.

The Flex is definitely my favourite range; it is so comfortable and functional in the gym, while being so versatile in terms of styling both in, and out, of the gym. 

I hope you liked my Flex looks! How will you wear your Flex? 

Robin x

If you can't get enough of the Flex, check out Megan Grubb's review of the collection or get the answers you're looking for by reading our Flex FAQ.


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