Student Style: The Ultimate Uni Outfit

Student Style: The Ultimate Uni Outfit


If you have, are, or ever will be a student, you’ll know that when it comes to the likes of lectures and seminars, comfort is key.

Because, let’s be honest - despite being accepted into uni with your parents ideation that you’d be in bed by 9; you were realistically sitting in the kitchen ’till 6am "playing cards" with your new housemates, whilst nursing a Pot Noodle…

It’s now 7:45. 

You’re bleary eyed and jabbing tirelessly at your phone in an attempt to mute your alarm, knowing full well that you’d rather remain in bed. You've sent a text to your housemate to bring you caffeine, and actually... would they mind sending you the notes from the lecture you missed yesterday?

For the days you do happen to roll out of bed, and on-time, knowing what clothes to slump into is no easy feat. It’s winter, it’s cold, you’re broke and you’re tired - so what do you want?

Knitwear, hoodies, oversized clothing and some semblance of style which can be achieved with little to no effort whatsoever?

Scroll on to find 4 different ‘fits that are comfortable, practical, and easy to chop and change with other items for the foundations of a capsule wardrobe.

The Early Riser

Styled Below:
Jacket: Oversized Puffer Jacket | Lilac Grey
Leggings: Fit Cropped Leggings | Black
Sports Bra: Aura Sports Bra | Berry Red
Hoodie: Men's Block Hoodie | Grey Marl

The Commuter

Styled Below:
Jacket: Puffer Jacket | Black
Joggers: Block Joggers | Black
T-Shirt: Embroidered Logo T-Shirt | Dark Green
Hoodie: Critical Zip Hoodie | Grey Marl

The Midday Lecture

Styled Below:
PulloverSolo Cropped Pullover | Teal
Joggers24/7 Joggers | Black
Sports BraSolo Sports Bra | Black

The Dash To Class

Styled Below:
JacketWindcheater | Dark Green
JoggersTapered Bottoms | Black
T-ShirtLegacy T-Shirt | White


Let us know your go-to outfits for class below.




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