Stuck In A Cardio Rut | Mark Hoban


Stuck In A Cardio Rut | Mark Hoban


Stuck in a cardio rut? Bored of pounding the treadmill for 30 minutes every day? 

Here are some ideas as to how you can shake up your cardio sessions. 

Cardio sessions can be completed in a variety of ways commonly known as continuous, Interval or high intensity interval, and Fartlek training. 

Continuous training is beneficial when it is performed steadily over an extended period of time. When performing this method, keep yourself within your lower end of your training zone, which will be about 55-60% of your maximum heart rate, for effective fat loss. 

However, this method can sometimes be boring for the casual gym goer; if this happens, try a cardio class such as studio cycling. Or, try the cardio machines, using hill, or changing the intensity levels of the workout (Fartlek training). 

For a high intensity workout, complete a HIIT (High intensity interval) work out on your own, or in a class. HIIT shouldn’t really last more than 30 minutes, with each interval being performed at 100% intensity. 

It can be flexible, so it would also benefit people who don’t have a lot of spare time, so they are able to maximise their workouts in a limited time period. With this in mind, anyone can do HIIT, and will benefit from the method, as not everyone’s fitness level is the same and the sessions can be adapted to your individual needs. 

If you aren’t afraid of the great outdoors and braving the elements, then why not give an obstacle course or cross country running a go. They are certainly not boring, as the changes in terrain during the run create mini milestones, making it less of a mental boredom battle.

Gyms are great for providing cardio classes that cover all these methods, so if you find training alone de-motivating, then get yourself into those classes for a reinvigorating boost. 

Top tip - always work to the basic principles of training to give you focus and motivation; focus on why you are performing your cardio workouts, and tailor your session to suit. 

Good Luck!


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