Steve Cook x Gymshark | The Collection

Steve Cook x Gymshark | The Collection


This is your first collection with Gymshark – what was it like to work with the Gymshark design team?

It was amazing to work with the Gymshark team. The amount of time and detail that goes into creating a line was unknown to me until I met with the team. 

Getting to work directly with the Design team made it so much easier. They asked me all of the right questions to ensure they were getting everything I wanted out of my head, onto paper, into the line, piece by piece.

It’s a huge creative process, so there’s nothing like surrounding yourself with a creative and skilled team.

The colour palette ventures away from standard block colours of reds, blues etc. How did you decide on the colours you have chosen?

The colour palette was more natural and earthy. I like more neutral colours and I thought the pastels added a nice element of difference to the collection. I took reference to items that I’m currently wearing, and my love for layers is represented through the colours. 

The pieces have a very industrial feel; raw edges, exposed zips. Where did your inspiration come from for this?

I’ve always wanted to mix gym and urban apparel. The raw edges reference the more urban aesthetic, and the exposed zips add another layer to the pieces. We spent a day checking out designs I loved and brands I liked from across the board in terms of Fitness and Fashion, and we really pinpointed my style ethos.

What is your favourite piece within the collection and why?

That’s a difficult question. It’s like choosing your favourite exercise in the gym! There’s just so many.

The green faded camo T-shirt, I was very excited to try on. The fabric is just amazing; the fit is spot on. You can really dress that piece up or down or rock it in the gym- like you’re going into battle.

As this is your first range with Gymshark, what does this collection represent for you?

I would like it to represent a new era of Active wear. Active wear that also can be cool in the streets. I wanted to showcase looks that were more industrial, that feel high-end but still keep all the features you need from clothing in the gym. 

The idea of still being able to rock it while hanging out in town really appeals to me. Utilizing the layers while you are out and about. I like the idea of a fusion lifestyle. Where you’re ready to put in the work and look good at the same time.

If you had the opportunity to do it all again, would you do anything differently, and if yes, why?

This was such a great learning experience that I would definitely do it again. If I could change anything, I would’ve made one of the joggers drop crotch while the other one would’ve stayed more classical fit... Also, I would add more camo, LOL. 

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Preview the full Steve Cook x Gymshark collection right here

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 Need a little sizing info. before the range drops? Check out Steve's review and advice here.


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