Squat alternatives for people that are bored of back squats

Squat alternatives for people that are bored of back squats


Squats are one of the most popular exercises out there. 

They’re a great compound movement that challenge your whole body, not to mention help build that peach.

However, the back squat is not your only option. There are loads of squat alternatives out there, all with slightly different benefits, so have a read and find out which is right for you.

The most common of squat you probably see on your Insta feed is the back squat – infamous as one of the big three and an essential if you’re looking to grow that booty. 

Goblet Squat 

First up is the goblet squat, which is an excellent option for beginners. 

These are good for building up core strength while allowing for a more upright torso than other squat variations. This makes them a lot easier on the spine while still giving you a good workout. 

Front Squat

Up next is an alternative to the usual back squat not to be taken lightly - the front squat. 

Whereas the back squat focuses more on the glutes and lower back, due to the different position of the bar, a front squat challenges the quads and upper back a lot more. 

It might be a challenge, but the front squat is great for building a strong core, improving flexibility and is a good entry move to master if you’re interested in delving into the realms of CrossFit and Olympic lifting. 

Bulgarian Split Squat 

Do not underestimate the Bulgarian Split Squat – these guys burn! 

Working one leg at a time is a great way to improve balance, strengthen your core and rectify any strength imbalances you might have. 

You can use dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell, so they’re a great movement whatever stage you’re at in your training programme. 

Start off slowly and get yourself used to the movement then you can slowly begin increasing the weight. 

Check out how to do these here.

Box Squats 

If you’re looking to take some of the pressure of your knees and instead focus on those hamstrings and glutes, then the box squat could be the squat for you. 

The box squat is also a great way to increase your range of motion and your strength while teaching you correct form and seriously developing your posterior chain

Check out how to master this move here

Landmine Squat 

Last but not least is the landmine squat – a great way to teach correct form, strengthen your lower body and protect your joints.

They’re similar to the goblet squat in the sense that the weight is being held anteriorly, however, the landmine squat is arguably a better way to teach yourself the squatting pattern as the bar moves in a slight arc, which forces you to maintain an upright torso. 

These are just a few squat alternatives, but there are loads more so experiment and find which one is right for you. 

Before spicing up your squat, it is essential to master basic squat form to avoid injury. If you’re struggling with a body weight squat, improving your mobility should be your focus before adding any weight. 

Which is your favourite squat? Let us know in the comments below. 


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