Ark Collection | A Timeless Classic


Ark Collection | A Timeless Classic


Released in 2016, the Ark Collection was an immediate hit.

From long sleeves to sleeveless t-shirts, hoodies to pullovers, the Ark Collection has it all, and we know you love it.

Designed with a simplified and refined fit, the Ark Collection is your basic go to tracksuit, ready for your rest day, and your training session.

Created to never hinder your performance, the Ark sleeveless t-shirt is a fitted workout tank, with a no-nonsense design, meaning you can concentrate solely on your training, without any distractions or irritations. 

"I wanted to create a core collection. A collection that would be a signature piece within everyones wardrobe." Jack Lamont, Menswear Designer

The Ark shorts are made with a lightweight jersey blend fabric, ensuring you won’t overheat. Just above-the-knee length provides total coverage, no matter what workout you are undertaking. 

Not only does the Ark perform, it looks good. With its refined and stylish design, your Ark t-shirt can take you from the moment you wake up, to your workout in the gym, to your night out (although, we suggest a shower in between.)

Versatile and fashionable, we can guarantee you will find what you are looking for within the Ark Collection. 

A timeless classic never goes out of style. 

What is your favourite piece from the Ark Collection? 


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