The Marathon Jacket


The Marathon Jacket


Put that old jacket down.

You know, the one you have been wearing to and from the gym for years. The one that doesn’t quite see you through your workout. 

It’s time for an upgrade.

The men's Marathon jacket was designed to enhance your workout. Fully waterproof and fused seams provide coverage from any kind of weather, and the reflective detailing allow visibility in low-light conditions.

We understand that sometimes your workout takes you outside and in to the elements. For this reason, we decided that you needed something specific, something that can last just as long as you can. Something that will see you through, from beginning to end.

The men's Marathon jacket was designed with the elements in mind. Taking your workout from the gym to the outside requires gear a little different, because what may work inside, may not work outside. 

Unfortunately, we can’t predict the weather for you (as much as we would like to) but we would like to protect you from it. The men's Marathon jacket is fully waterproof (you now have no excuse not to run in the rain) and the reflective detailing provides a little extra visibility during those darker nights (again, no excuses).

We work hard to anticipate any problems you may encounter whilst working out, because we know that your workout wardrobe needs to keep up with you. The men's Marathon jacket gives you those extra details you need so you can keep going, no matter what the weather.

Seriously, throw that old jacket away, we know you want to.


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