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Flex Leggings | Their Gymshark Journey


Flex Leggings | Their Gymshark Journey


Launched in 2014, the women's Flex leggings were popular. Flash forward to 2017, and the women's Flex leggings were one of the most sought after products in the fitness industry.

The women's Flex leggings popularity grew at a rate so fast, it was almost unbelievable. 

We received countless emails, Tweets, and Facebook messages in regards to the leggings, and we could not restock fast enough (as much as we wanted to!)

The contouring pattern is a firm favourite (we know they look good.) The beautiful colourways are always flattering (yes, we know they look good too) and so, the two together created a winning formula. 

Made with a moisture-wicking seamless knit, the women's Flex leggings are figure hugging and luxuriously soft, it’s almost difficult for them not to look good (and for you to look good in them!) 

"As soon as we added fabric contouring to the Flex, they blew up. Now, it's all about finding the perfect colours." Lois Woodcock (Senior Womenswear Designer)

Restock dates are always an exciting time within Gymshark HQ. 

It is incredibly important to us that as many people as possible have the opportunity to experience the women's Flex leggings. We want you to fall in love with them, just like we have. 

On Friday, February the 3rd, we restocked 30,000 women's Flex leggings in the new colours. We sold out in record breaking time. 

Within minutes (yes, minutes) the leggings were gone. We checked, and checked again, just to make sure we weren’t crazy. 

Since February, we have restocked countless times, and every time, the women's Flex leggings sell out within minutes. This continues to leave us in awe, regardless of how many times it may happen.

The women's Flex leggings and their growing fan base continue to shock us every single day, and we are so humbled by the popularity. 

The leggings will continue to grow and change, simply getting better, and we hope you will always fall in love with them, time and time again.

The Flex leggings will be restocked in all six colourways on the 13th of July, Thursday, at 3pm BST

Don't miss out! 


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