Shaun Stafford | The Everest Marathon Part 2

Shaun Stafford | The Everest Marathon Part 2


There was never a moment when I felt like giving up, but there were definitely moments when I asked myself why on earth I was putting myself through it all… but that is when you fall back on your training and get back in touch with the real motivation behind such a challenge!

For me, it was about seeing what I was really made of and raising a lot of money for a great charity: that pretty much puts you right and back on track!

At the end of the race I was overcome with emotion: it was the culmination of not only 3 weeks of hard work getting to the start line, but also the end of what had been a brutal 5 months of training. This whole process had been about getting as far out of my comfort zone as I could, and after finishing the world’s hardest marathon in just over 9 hours, it was a real mix of relief and elation at getting it done. 

I really have got the bug to continue my crazy adventures, to push myself and take on new challenges, but also to continue my work for charity and raising money and awareness for causes that are important to me.

I think this will not only provide longevity for me and my fitness journey but will also have a lasting impact outside of myself which is one of my goals for life.


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