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Sade Pramberger | Gymshark 66


A Year in Review: Life After Winning Gymshark 66

How has Gymshark 66 changed your life?

Gymshark 66 has made my life do a complete 360° in all aspects. Prior to the campaign, I was just starting my fitness Instagram account and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted my account to be focused on. Gymshark 66 caused to me realise my continued passion for fitness of course, but also my passion for both mental health and self love. 

After winning Gymshark 66 I had grown a larger following, and was able to continue to share my weight-loss journey, but also talk about the importance of mental health. I have continued to make it a point to help people understand that a healthy person is not just physically fit. 

By sharing my self love journey and my realisations through researching mental health on my Instagram, so many amazing women have personally messaged me sharing their stories. I think it’s easily forgotten how much your mental status can affect you and your physical health. Without Gymshark 66 I don’t think I would have realised, as quickly, how passionate I am about all aspects of health. Throughout this year, I have been lucky enough to make connections with so many amazing women, some of the Gymshark athletes as well as some of the Gymshark HQ members. It definitely was a year for the books. 

What did it feel like in the moment you were told you had won Gymshark 66?

I honestly could not believe it! I remember sitting there on FaceTime shocked at the round of applause I was receiving. Right when they told me I had won, I thought back to January 1st when my dad called me to tell me about the campaign. I was so reluctant to even join, because I thought it would be nearly impossible for me to win, but when my dad said, “you never know what could happen” I knew I had to try. I’m so happy I listened to my dad, because this year would’ve been completely different otherwise. 

If you had any advice for people taking part this year, what would it be?

BE YOURSELF! I know it’s so simple, and kind of a no brainer, but it’s really easy to feel like you have to be like everyone else who is getting engagement throughout the campaign. I remember there were moments where I would post and getting little-to-no engagement and then there would be another person, doing the campaign, who would post and get tons of likes, comments, etc. 

It’s very easy to compare yourself and get jealous of other people throughout the 66 days, so during those moments of jealousy just remember how important it is to be yourself. Your story is worth sharing, and those who appreciate it will notice and that’s all that matters. Authenticity is infectious, so the more you continue to BE YOU the more people (and Gymshark) will appreciate that. 

"Gymshark 66 allowed me to find and combine my love for the gym with my love for myself. It helped me realise that I shouldn’t be going to the gym 6 days a week just to LOOK a certain way, I should be going to the gym 6 days a week to FEEL a certain way." Sade Pramberger

Any lessons you have taken away from Gymshark 66?

I think the biggest lesson I have taken away from Gymshark 66 is how diverse the fitness community is and how important it is to embrace that diversity. Like I stated previously, after winning the competition I was able to meet tons of strong women from all different fitness backgrounds, and the most beautiful thing that I learned from all of their stories was how important fitness was to all of them. No matter where you’re from, what race, age, sex, weight you are, fitness can become a lifestyle for you. Everyone's’ journey is beautiful, and we should all be accepting of one another no matter where someone starts. 

Your journey began before Gymshark 66, how did it help you along your way to where you are now?

When I first started my fitness journey, I was so focused on becoming physically healthy. I wanted to lose weight, in a healthy way, and so I took my time researching different types of exercises, workout classes, etc. But Gymshark 66 allowed me to research an equally important aspect of health, which is your mental health. Prior to Gymshark 66 I was just starting to become interested in understanding mental health/self love, but I didn’t do much research really, and wasn’t too motivated in doing so. 

Gymshark 66 allowed me to find combine my love for the gym with my love for myself. It helped me realize that I shouldn’t be going to the gym 6 days a week just to LOOK a certain way, I should be going to the gym 6 days a week to FEEL a certain way. This has and will always be a lifestyle for me, so understanding and coping with how I’m feeling mentally is incredibly important. Self love is not selfish, and there are so many times where compromising how you’re feeling can be extremely damaging. 

Do you plan to continue your fitness journey?

Of course! Fitness has and will always be an important aspect of my life. I talk about this a lot on my Instagram, but the gym is a therapy for me. I’m not going there for only aesthetic reasons, I’m going there because it makes me feel AMAZING. It’s one of the very few places where I can put my mind at ease, and just focus on what’s in front of me. 

Has there been any low points during your journey?

Absolutely! This past semester was one of the lowest points for me fitness and mental health wise. I had barely any time to go to the gym due to the fact that I was student teaching 26 hours a week, working, President of an organisation, and just finding time to breath. My mental health and fitness lifestyle was put on the backburner and it was incredibly hard for me. I just finished the semester this month and I have brought the healthy lifestyle back into the forefront. I’m back to training 6 days a week, I’m currently reading an AMAZING personal development book titled The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and it feels so good to get back into this mentality. 

What are your goals for the new year?

One of my goals is to, of course, continue my fitness journey and learn how to create a better balance with the healthy lifestyle and school/work. Another goal for myself is to continue practicing self love techniques and making it more a routine rather than just doing it at random times. Routines work amazing for me, it just takes me forever to initiate them, so a big goal of mine is to try and stick to a self-love routine as much as I can next year. For example, writing my thoughts in a journal every morning, or reading a chapter of a personal development book every night, something just to get me in the habit of it, because just like practice makes perfect fitness-wise, it is the same way for mental health. 

This year has been amazing and I am so incredibly grateful for Gymshark. I would not be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for Gymshark 66 and the opportunities that have come about because of it. Thank you again to Gymshark this has been such a blast. Stay thriving and happy holidays!

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