Running Safely in the Dark


Running Safely in the Dark


With daylight saving a distant memory and the winter months in full swing, going on an early morning or evening run can sometimes feel a bit daunting.

Running in the dark has its advantages and it can be fun - and perfectly safe - so long as you take a beat to consider your options before leaving the house.

Take a look at our quick tips for staying safe on your next run:

1) Lose the headphones.

Staying vigilant on a poorly lit run is priority, and it's vital you make use of all your senses. Keep aware of your surroundings and leave the music at home. 

We know. You need that one tune to keep you going, but it's just not practical in the dark. You'll be surprised just how much the darkness can boost your adrenaline (and maybe even improve your time).

2) Choose your route wisely.

It's important to know your route, but just as important to switch it up. If possible, stick to well lit and busier areas. Be mindful of your safety when choosing where to run - don't make yourself a target.

Be sure to run on the correct side of the road facing oncoming traffic, so that you can always see what's coming up a head. Remember, it's easier to avoid something if you can see it.

3) Run with a friend.

There's strength in numbers, and no harm in an extra pair of eyes and ears. Running with another person dramatically reduces the chances of being approached by a not so friendly character. Not only will you have someone keeping you motivated, but you'll also have someone to lend a hand if you run into any problems.

4) Tell someone.

Let others know that you're leaving, and when you expect to be back. Even if you're just leaving a note before you head out, it can make a real difference in case of an emergency. If you don't want to let someone know every time you pop out for a run, remember to take your phone with you.

5) Wear the right gear.

Stay visible in the right workout gear. Make it easier for others (especially drivers!) to see you, and choose something reflective where possible. Ensure you're always visible from front to back, so motorists coming from both directions can tell you're there.

For tops, we recommend the T-bar and T-bar Cropped Vest. As well as featuring reflective logo, side tabs and elasticated t-bar back feature, perforated chest panels enhance ventilation to keep you comfortable and dry.

Dropping soon, the perfect leggings for those late night runs: the women's Winter Running Leggings. Peached fabric provides a soft, velvety feel that guarantees lasting comfort. 

Fully reflective logo to the front and back, and reflective taping to the seams has got you covered. DRY technology wicks sweat from the skin, regulating your temperature so you can work up a sweat without overheating. 

A working half-moon pocket to the back is the perfect place to store essentials. No need to compromise on style, marl panelling gives you the Gymshark edge.

The Winter Running Leggings will be available on the 11th January 2018 at 3pm GMT. If you have any tips to share, get involved and leave us a comment!

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