Ross Edgley joins the Gymshark family

Ross Edgley joins the Gymshark family


Adventurer, Athlete or Superhero? That's for you to decide.

We're chuffed to announce that, Ross Edgley, is officially part of the Gymshark Family.

A man who continually questions the boundaries of fitness and how it is perceived, through the extremities of personal physical (and mental) challenges. 

Obviously, with such a unique athlete joining the Gymshark Family; we had to ask Ross a few Q's so you guys can find out a little more...

Can we get a quick intro, who are you?

My name's Ross Edgley. I'm an athlete adventurer, maybe best known for becoming the first person to swim 1,780 miles around the entire coast of Great Britain which took 157 days and officially became the world's longest sea swim.

Can you give an insight into your greatest achievement, so far?

Swimming around Great Britain was special for a number of reasons. Firstly, Britain has an incredible history and heritage of great explorers from Sir Francis Drake, Captain James Cook to the modern living legend Sir Ranulph Fiennes, but one of my favourite stories has to be Captain Matthew Webb, the first recorded person to swim the English Channel on 25 August 1875. Worth noting is many people believed the swim to be impossible because the tides were too strong and water too cold, but Captain Webb, in a woollen wetsuit and on a diet of brandy and beef broth, swam breaststroke (because "front crawl was ungentlemanly like") and battled waves for over 20 hours to make history. For me this story just embodies what being a true British explorer is all about, since (for whatever reason) it seems adventure and exploration is engrained in our British DNA. Also (related to the swim), earlier in the year I published my first book (titled: "The World's Fittest Book") which became a Sunday Times Bestseller and I think in many ways the reason the Great British Swim was so special was because it proved a lot of the theories and philosophies within the book too and was the culmination of years of research.

Why did you feel like joining the Gymshark family was right for you? 

For years Gymshark has been raising the proverbial bar in the fitness industry. I love their ethos of being "fearlessly progressive" and in many ways I've tried to embody that same mindset in every athletic adventure I've done. Last year (2018) when arriving back on land after the Great British Swim I visited GSHQ in Birmingham to meet the team and we spoke for hours about sports clothing, fabrics and advancements in "wearable tech" which could help usher in a new era of athletic adventures as well as training apps, tours, talks and future books. Fast forward a few months and we're now looking to implement all we spoke about in that very first meeting as we (collectively) look to raise the bar once again.

Join us in welcoming Ross to the Gymshark family! We're very excited to see what the future holds... 

Want to know more about Ross and his record breaking swim? Check out this article, right here!


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