Fallout Collection | No Distractions


Fallout Collection | No Distractions


We love a collection.

You know, when you find the perfect bottoms, and then wish there was a matching top?  

For that reason, we love the Fallout Collection, because it doesn’t just end at one product. It ends at four. 

Designed with a stretch fit, and soft material blend, the Men’s Fallout Collection is engineered to see you through the most strenuous workout. 

Lightweight and soft blend material means you can have that second skin feel, so you can move effortlessly through your workout, with no distractions.

One thing we love at Gymshark? Mesh. 

"The Fallout Collection is all about ventilation." Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer

Mesh is the perfect addition to any workout clothing; enhancing ventilation, breathability, and giving you a cool, comfortable, irritation-free workout.

Also - sweat less, smell better. Now, that’s a bonus for everyone. 

The Fallout Collection is complete with mesh panelling throughout. You will find every item within the collection has a section of mesh, allowing you to feel cool, calm and collected. 

‘The Fallout Collection is all about ventilation. If your clothing allows breathability, it allows you to train for longer. With a stretch fit, lightweight fabric, and mesh panelling throughout, a change in temperature won’t matter, because you won’t feel it. The Fallout Collection is designed to perform.’ Jack Lamont, designer of the Fallout Collection.

The Fallout Collection is waiting for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the heat. 


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