Product Review | Chez Rust


Product Review | Chez Rust


What’s up guys!

You may be wondering who an earth I am, and that’s fine! My name is Chez Rust, and I am a fashion, lifestyle and fitness blogger from the UK. 

Fashion and fitness are my biggest passions in life; from the age of 9 I dedicated my life to football at a professional football academy, right up until the age of 15. 

That is when I became obsessed with the gym, as at the time, I had been released for being ‘too small’, so I went on a rampage to ‘get big’. 

Like most people, it took a while for me to realise that going to the gym is not just about lifting as much as you possibly can. 

Now, at 25 and over 6ft, I have a nutrition and workout routine that is right for my lifestyle, and body. Eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle is what I am all about!

Travelling around the world doing shoots means it can be difficult to stay on track of a specific diet, so I can’t say I live by a strict diet, I simply live by a healthy lifestyle. I know what is right for my body, what my body needs, and that has come from growing, and learning. 

I am big on helping people get motivated, and chase their dreams, starting now, not waiting until tomorrow. 

Working with some of the biggest fashion brands in the world, I am pretty picky about what I wear, and that doesn’t change when it comes to what I am wearing in the gym. 

I look for how the item I am wearing makes me feel when I put it on. You know, that feeling when you put something on and it feels like quality, and the fit is exactly right? 

Well, I feel like Gymshark have nailed this feeling! 

Ever since I got my hands on some Gymshark gear, I have been super impressed! From the packaging, to the fit- like I said, I am picky about what I wear!

So, when I got my first Gymshark order, I was praying it lived up to the hype. I was over the moon. 

I couldn’t believe Gymshark had managed to create pieces that fit exactly like what I was looking for, and I couldn’t wait to start wearing it. 

So, let’s talk about what I have, and what I am loving…

The new release of the Men’s Fitness Drop Armhole Tank is right up my street! 

Always been a big fan of the drop armhole tanks, but I never owned one that feels like this. I don’t want to keep mentioning the quality, but, that is all I think about with the stretch cotton blend, QUALITY is all you feel! 

A tapered fit, along with the original Gymshark logo, I’m a big fan of this, and will be wearing it in, and out, of the gym. 

I also don’t know any other brand that have mastered a collection that can be worn in, and out of the gym.

One word I haven’t mentioned yet- comfort.

Comfort is everything. 

If you in the clothing you wear to the gym, you probably encounter a better workout. Going to the gym wearing Gymshark gives me confidence. I feel ready to go smash my training, and that is what we all want; we want to feel good, confident, and comfortable in ourselves. Gymshark provides that in abundance. 

I guess you can say I am a fan of the brand now, and if you’re reading this, and don’t own anything from Gymshark, I promise you when you do, you’ll feel all that I have just mentioned. 

I’ve really enjoyed talking to you about these pieces and introducing myself to you all!

Keep working towards achieving your goals, stay focused and never give up!



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