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Pregnancy and Fitness | Denice Moberg

Pregnancy and Fitness | Denice Moberg


My life turned around the moment that I found out I was pregnant. I won't lie to you - at first, my feelings were mixed - I knew that this was something that I wanted, but I was so, so frightened...

How would this affect my working day? Would I have to postpone all my travels and annual events that I had planned? Could I still go to the gym?

It was a never-ending cycle of questions that I didn't have the ability or knowledge to be able to answer.

My first mission in order to make my pregnancy as near to perfect as possible, was to create new goals and have a much more positive mindset. I had anxiety - the idea that my personality would change into something negative and as a result that I would be excluded in every sense possible.

So, I decided to take control. I continued with my daily routines and the ideologies that mattered to me most. As a result, I had a smile on my face everyday. My anxiety during the first trimester slowly dwindled out and my life continued as usual - I wasn't excluded from anything and my little belly began to grow... It was really happening!

Time passed and it almost felt normal to be carrying a little human inside of me...

I embraced the change and was constantly asked: 'how are things so easy for you?'. My standard answer for this was:

"It's never going to be better than you want it to be"

The aspect that you've got to focus on is determination.

I wanted my pregnancy to be the best experience of my life and in order to create this, I continued to focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative. It's hard when you're gaining weight at rapid speeds, but it's possible - trust me, you're glowing.

During my pregnancy, I ran into a lot of old-fashioned myths - the most common being that working out is dangerous for you...

I ended up talking to several midwives about this just to gain a little insight and clarification on the matter. 

From what I found out, it seems that working out, especially weight training during pregnancy is a relatively new thing - so I continued my research. I stopped running, jumping and avoided putting any kind of pressure on my stomach.

Other research that I found would recommend yoga or daily walks - although I enjoyed this gentle type of activity, I knew that it wouldn't help me maintain my muscle mass and I wasn't ready to give up that side of my life just yet.

So, I learnt how to train my body whilst I grew my little human - I changed my training a lot along the way but the one thing that I held onto was consistency.

I would train on average 4-5 days a week, but removed exercises such as hip thrusts and any type of training which was based on balance. As the pelvic girdle is more sensitive and softer during this time, it's important to listen to the body and do some sort of 'risk analysis' on your day-to-day, gym exercises.

For me, motivation, fitness and the likes are a way of life. 

Sometimes, of course - other things in life do have to take priority over fitness, but it was the "I CAN DO THIS" mentality that always pushed me to try and balance the two.

The biggest change that I experienced during my pregnancy?

Without a doubt, it would be the food intake. I ate more and I felt hungry, all the time. 

I chose to base my food intake on healthy, clean food and over the course of my pregnancy, I gained around 6 kilograms - this didn't bother me in the slightest. For me, it was all about nutrition, moving my body in a safe way and giving Vince, my baby boy the best possible start in life.

An Example Of How My Food Diary For A Day Would Look...

Side Note: The only supplement that I took during my pregnancy was protein powder!


Yoghurt with protein powder, oats, frozen berries and granola.
Oatmeal with protein powder, frozen berries, milk and cinnamon.


Protein enriched milkshake and crispbreads with turkey and cheese.


Rice, pasta, bulger wheat or potatoes with chicken, salmon, beef or halloumi and a lot of vegetables!


A protein bar, an apple and a cup of tea or coffee.


I'd pretty much have the same as I would for lunch - but every now and then, I'd choose to make chicken tacos or a pizza.


Exactly the same as breakfast, with the addition of 2-3 boiled eggs and almost always, ice-cream! 

My Top Tips To Stay In Control During Your Pregnancy...

  • Set realistic goals.
  • Keep to a routine.
  • Listen to your body.
  • If you're hungry, eat. Prioritise good food.
  • Accept that there will be tough days.
  • Remember that others will be there to help you - you're not on your own.
  • Have fun!
  • Remember that an amazing time is ahead of you - do your best and think of the endless amount of love that is just around the corner!

An Example of My Workout Schedule Whilst I Was Pregnant

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Delts and arms
Thursday: Legs and cardio
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Chest and Cardio

Girls, rule the world!

Love, Denice xoxo 


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