Part 3 | Things I Wish I knew Before I Started


Part 3 | Things I Wish I knew Before I Started


Yo! First up on the blog, we went through just how important calories are, the role they play in weight loss, weight gain, and exactly why there is no such thing as a good or bad food. You can find part 1 RIGHT HERE.

In part 2 we took care of why cheat meals are crap, supplements worth spending your money on, and why you might want to reconsider being lean ALL THE TIME. Yep – you read that right. You can find all that RIGHT HERE


There are a few things I want to talk you guys through. One has played a HUGE part in me training more intelligently & efficiently. 

1. Fasted Cardio is NOT Better

You know that idiot who would get up at 5am to do his cardio purely because he thought he would burn more calories doing so?

Yep, that was me. 

I bought into all the bodybuilding dogma. If I was getting my cardio fix before I had anything to eat, I would burn pure body fat, as I didn’t have any carbs in my system yet.

It doesn’t quite work like that.

Whilst you might burn more fat doing cardio fasted, this is known as acute substrate use. Basically, you burn more fat at this point, but as soon as you eat carbs later in the day, your body starts to burn these off, rather than using your body fat to fuel every day activities.

If you did your cardio after having some carbs, then sure, you would burn less fat and more carbs during the actual session, but for the rest of the day your body would prioritize burning body fat. It quite literally all evens out at the end of the day.

Plus, if you look at the most recent research on fasted versus fed cardio, a 2014 study from the ‘Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition’ concluded-

These findings indicate that body composition changes associated with aerobic exercise in conjunction with a hypocaloric diet are similar regardless whether or not an individual is fasted prior to training.” (1)

Ergo, whether you do your cardio fasted, or after you have eaten, it doesn’t matter at all, provided total calorie burn is the same.

If you feel you work harder and burn more calories with some food in your system, then you are better off waiting until later in the day to do work out, rather than forcing yourself to get up at stupid o’clock, simply to adhere to a fasted cardio fallacy.

1. Body part Splits Don’t Cut It

How do the guys in those muscle magazines train?

They work a muscle group once a week, and pummel it into oblivion, making themselves so sore, they will only just recover in time for the next workout.

If the biggest guys on the planet do it, that has got to be the best way to train, right?

Not so fast

There are a couple of reasons as to why all pro bodybuilders train this way, and please remember guys, this is just my opinion; 

Firstly, what they are doing now usually isn’t what they did to get that big in the first place.

When you started out, you may have picked up a bodybuilding book/magazine, or browsed a forum and found some kind of workout split along the lines of -

Monday - Chest

Tuesday - Back 

Wednesday - Legs

Thursday - Shoulders

Friday - Arms

Saturday & Sunday - Rest

You probably got results.

However, in the newbie stage, you are so primed for growth, you would have probably seen some results from Pilates and a vegan diet.

Body part splits like this seriously miss out on the body’s natural muscle protein synthesis (MPS) production, which leaves gains on the table.

When you train, your localised levels of MPS rise. MPS plays a big part in helping you build muscle.

Let’s say you work your chest on a Monday, as per the above. Muscle protein synthesis rises rapidly within the 4-hours post-workout, it is still elevated 24-hours afterwards, and drops back down to baseline around 36 hours after you have finished. 

Theoretically, you are not building any muscle for the next 5 and a half days in that body part.

Other factors do come into muscle growth, and just because MPS drops after 36 hours, it does not mean you need to train every muscle group every day, or even every other day, but it makes sense to hit them at least twice a week. 

Not sure where to start?

Here are some examples- 

Monday - Upper Body (Strength focus)

Tuesday - Lower Body (Strength focus)

Wednesday - Rest

Thursday - Upper Body (Hypertrophy focus)

Friday - Lower Body (Hypertrophy focus)

Weekend - Rest

Or -

Monday - Push Muscles (Strength focus)

Tuesday - Pull Muscles (Strength focus)

Wednesday - Legs (Strength focus)

Thursday - Push Muscles (Hypertrophy focus)

Friday - Pull Muscles (Hypertrophy focus)

Saturday- Legs (Hypertrophy focus)

Sunday - Rest

Want more routines?

Not just that, but routines that are catered to your needs, and programmed exactly for your goals? Then check out HyperDBS (the very program I have been sharing on the Gymshark Snapchat story the past few weeks, and during the weeks to come). 

Be sure to stay up to date with my own Snapchat channel, so you don’t miss out on plenty of free examples in regards to workouts, which will ensure you are genuinely maximising your time spent in the gym.

Doing this will provide faster gains, rather than just hitting everything once a week! Oh, and if you’re wondering about what strength focus and hypertrophy focus means, do not miss out on next week! We will go through why:

• You need to incorporate more than one rep range.

• You should probably squat, bench press, and deadlift.

• Brown carbs aren’t better than white ones!

See you next week! 


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