Our Top Picks | Women's Workout Clothes

Our Top Picks | Women's Workout Clothes


Feeling comfortable in what you're wearing can be the difference between a great workout, and no workout at all. Finding the right combination of clothing that makes you feel your best - and work your best - is priceless.

We all want to look good, but feeling supported is just as important for your workout, and for your body.

Ease Sports Bra & Simply Mesh Leggings.

If you've ever felt like your workout clothes weren't up to par, you'll know it's also just as essential to your motivation. In order to help you decide what clothes will work best for you, we're sharing our current favourites and how they can help take your training to a whole new level.

Ease Sports Bra & Ombre Seamless Leggings.
Ease Sports Bra & Ombre Seamless Leggings.


Us girls know how important it is to feel supported in your sports bra. It has to fit right, feel right and perform to perfection.

It goes without saying that training without one would be unthinkable and let's be honest, painful.

Wearing an ordinary bra when carrying out movements that are energetic or strenuous just won't cut it - this is where Gymshark comes in.

Kitting yourself out with a quality sports bra is not only vital to your performance, but to your health also. We offer a range of styles that cater to all activities. Our current favourite: the Ease Sports Bra.

The Ease Sports Bra is designed for low impact activities such as strength training, light cardio and yoga.

Available in a cute range of colourways, its unique ruched bust design adds a subtle feminine touch.

Open back ensures breathability, whilst adjustable cross back straps offer the ultimate adaptability for a secure fit that feels comfortably supportive.

Ombre Seamless Crop Top & Leggings.
Ombre Seamless Crop Top & Leggings.

For a higher impact workout, we're loving the Elite - find out more here.


As the latest addition to the Seamless family, the Ombre has a lot to live up to.

We understand that finding the right leggings that support, flatter and hug in all the right places (and don't in all the wrong ones) is a difficult task.

Each element is important in order to keep you focused on what's important. The Ombre Seamless Leggingsare an innovation in uniting non-slip support with the freedom to move.

Be it a hot and heavy workout or a chilled out rest day, you'll fall in love with how they feel.

Perfect for cardio and strength training, fabric features ribbed detailing and fits snug for a secure stretch fit. With squat proofing capabilities, you're covered when performing compound movements.

Ultra high waist and super soft breathable fabrics make them great for yoga too, whilst eyelet detailing gives them an edge that can be effortlessly incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.

The Slouch Cropped Hoodie & Simply Mesh Leggings.
The Slouch Cropped Hoodie & Simply Mesh Leggings.


"I hate wearing hoodies," said no one. 


If your go-to training outfit involves a soft, comfy hoodie, then you'll love the Slouch. Not everyone wants to rock the leggings and sports bra combo, and sometimes a vest doesn't quite cut it either. 

Workout clothes are all about what makes you feel comfortable and motivated to exercise.

Enter the Slouch Cropped Hoodie, with a relaxed fit and cosy oversized cowl neck.

Flattering cropped silhouette keeps you cool, focused and allows for ventilation during strength training whilst long ribbed cuffs ensure a stay-put fit.

Pair with your favourite high-waisted Gymshark leggings thrown over a sports bra if you want to opt for that extra coverage. 

For those who don't opt for the cropped look, t's also available in standard length with curved hems and mesh detailing.


Working out in clothing that lets your skin breathe is all-important. The Simply Mesh Leggings feature strategically placed mesh detailing that promotes ventilation and breathability.

"Built for the gym, the full mesh back leg is perfect for those sweaty workouts, and the small design details make them a little different to your average legging," explains Lois Woodcock, Senior Womenswear Designer at Gymshark.

Both striking and effective, the Simply Mesh are squat-proof and beautifully breathable. Ideal for both cardio and strength training, they stretch effortlessly with your movements whilst offering the ultimate support.

Energy Seamless Sports Bra & Leggings.
Energy Seamless Sports Bra & Leggings.


The Seamless collection has evolved with a full focus on fit, support and functionality.

The Energy Seamless Leggings are crafted with an ultra high waist, and a snug fit that sits close to support your movements with a non-slip feel.

Ready for any activity, they fit like a dream. Perfect for yoga, their supportive waist won't budge or need pulling up when performing movements.

Enhancing your physique is subtle fabric shading and rib detailing.

The Energy Seamless Sports Bra features beautiful waterfall strap design, as well as removable pads for adjustable support.

Included in the range is the longer line Energy Seamless Crop Vest, for those who prefer the extra coverage over a sports bra.

Ideal for cardio and HIIT, eyelet detailing enhances breathability and soft stretch fabric moves with ease for the ultimate comfort.

When purchased in the correct size, the Energy Seamless Leggings work great for performing compound movements. 

For sizing advice, check out our Find Your Fit | Leggings article.

Let us know your favourite below!


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