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Our Top 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle | Gymshark

Our Top 10 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle | Gymshark


Millions of people still have no access to health care when they need it. The heart of their communities cannot provide the medical attention that so many need.

'Universal health coverage is the WHO's number one goal' - World Health Organization

There are millions of people who face the difficult decision each day to decide if the little money they have goes towards expensive health care or pays to feed, clothe and house their families.

For many of us, health care and daily essentials such as food, clothing and housing are just a part of life. But for many parts of the world, millions still live without these.

'World Health Day is a chance to celebrate health and remind world leaders that everyone should be able to access the health care they need, when and where they need it' - World Health Organization

Raising awareness for this cause is paramount, world health impacts all of us, and we must strive to raise as much awareness as possible to ensure the can WHO continue making the fantastic progress towards universal health coverage.

If you'd like to find out more about World Health Day, WHO and the work they are doing to give the people of this world the health care they deserve, you can hit the link here.

10 Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

Implementing small changes in our day-to-day life can result in healthy habits that have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. Try these 10 tips for a healthy lifestyle, from healthy eating to increasing daily activity and mental wellbeing. 

Start Resistance Training

Resistance training is a method of exercise often started for aesthetic reasons. But adding a little weight in your workouts can go a long way, proven to improve both your physical and mental health.

Increasing muscle mass, bone strength and metabolism are three key benefits to strength training. A study published in JAMA Psychiatry also found improvements in mood and reduced symptoms of depression when performing resistance training two or more days per week.

Stand Up and Walk More

Our days are becoming more sedentary with the amount of time we spend in front of screens and automation of daily tasks increasing, meaning we're less active throughout the day. Making a conscious effort to walk more has been proven to have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.

Using activity trackers can be a great way to help monitor daily activity, set a realistic goal and aim to increase it each week.

If you have an office job, set regular intervals to leave your desk and move around for five minutes.

Cook More Food At home

It's not rocket science. Cooking is pretty simple and you can experiment using different flavours with the foods you love. Plus, you know exactly what goes into each meal. Which means you can ensure you get all the nutrients you need, with the correct portion sizes for you.

Cooking your own meals can be super fun, satisfying and doesn't need to take hours. Grab a friend, family member or partner and add a splash of creativity in the kitchen while enjoying the process.

Try some of our simple, easy recipes on Gymshark Central such as these Vegan Meatball Subs and Peanut Butter Protein Bars.

Get Outside

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, switching off from the big-wide-world. We live on an incredibly beautiful planet, and it's time you explore more of it.

We're not talking about jetting off to the other side of the world. Exploring your local neighbourhood or walking a different route to work will fill your lungs with fresh air. Not to mention the benefits of safe sun exposure and moving on our own two feet.

Take a walk somewhere new today.

Eat Whole Foods

Nutrient dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals give our body what it needs to ensure it can fight illnesses, maintain basic bodily functions, recover from workouts and complete day-to-day tasks.

Keep your cupboards stocked with healthy foods to eat, canned foods such as tuna, beans and lentils are great sources of protein and will sit on the shelf for months - great if you're on a budget!

Moderate Junk Food and Alcohol Consumption

A staple in many of our lives, 'junk food' such as fast food, sweets and chocolate gets a bad rap and rightly so. It's easy to say we consume too much of it, the same goes with alcohol.

Over-consuming these in our diet regularly has been proven to harm our health and weight. This isn't to say you shouldn't eat these foods as let's be honest; we often crave them. But moderating the consumption of these foods can be a significant step towards living a healthier lifestyle, while still enjoying the foods and drinks we love.

Get between seven and eight hours sleep

Following a healthy diet plan and an active lifestyle won't make you feel any better if you aren't getting enough sleep. Your body grows and recovers when in a sleeping state.

Science tells us seven to eight hours of sleep each night is optimal, especially if we're active individuals. So get the most out of your training and nutrition by making sleep a priority.


Mindfulness and performing meditation have shown significant correlations with the decrease in depression, anxiety, stress and an increase in happiness, productivity, mental health and more.

Spending just 10-15 minutes a day could make a huge difference in how you feel both physically and mentally. Start with guided meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm.

Drink More Water

Going all morning without a glass of water is easy. Our levels of hydration can have a significant impact on our health and the way we feel. Striving for healthy lifestyles can have us reaching for superfoods and strange concoctions, but don't forget water is essential for the body.

Staying hydrated helps with many aspects of our body, including kidney function, joint lubrication, body temperature and your digestive system.

Fill a 1ltr reusable water bottle and challenge yourself to finish several refills throughout the day. If you're exercising, you'll need to drink a little more to make up for that lost sweat!

Talk about your health

Our health is paramount, both physically and mentally. Talking to people about something you may be struggling with can feel overwhelming, but someone is there waiting to help you, whether it be your family, friends or medical professionals.

With medical treatments advancing so quickly, ensuring we seek help and have regular screening is key to healthy living and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Do you have a tip to add to the list? Drop a comment below!



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