Onyx V2 | Embrace The Darkness


Onyx V2 | Embrace The Darkness


There are some workouts that require the best of the best.  

Something unique. Something inspiring

Originally designed in 2016, the Onyx was created with a super-hero style in mind. So, if that isn’t the best, we’re not sure what is?

Wait. The Onyx V2.  

With a second-skin fit, and a design that is truly unique, the Onyx V2 boasts a shark scale inspired print and seamless knit. 

The placement of print is picked based upon specific muscle groups. These areas then become highlighted and accentuated, providing body contouring.

When adding shading to the product, Jack Lamont, designer of the Onyx, will use an anatomy diagram in order to pick out the muscle groups he would like to highlight.  

Designed with a Seamless Knit, and 4-way stretch fit, the Onyx gives you a second-skin feel, meaning you can complete your workout without any distractions, or irritations. 

The Onyx has evolved. We give you a design that not only looks out of this world, but performs to the point of perfection. 

The Onyx V2 is coming Friday the 25th of August at 9pm BSTEmbrace The Darkness.


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