Onyx Imperial | Embrace the Darkness

Onyx Imperial | Embrace the Darkness


The evolution continues...

Embrace the darkness in the all new Onyx Imperial.

Engineered with our signature Seamless technology, the collection is designed to flatter and enhance with unique fabric shading and supportive stretch.

"We’ve gone for these different textures with the Onyx," explains Jack Lamont, Senior Menswear Designer.

"Although it’s Seamless knit, it feels almost like armour as it follows the contours of the body."

The Onyx acts as a second skin for you while you train, offering flexibility, support and confidence for improved performance. 

"I studied a lot of anatomical drawings and followed different muscle groups, working around with textures and shading."

"I find it gives a real hero-esque feel."

With distinct and richly textured fabrics, the Onyx Imperial holds its own.

Comfort lasts, focus is full and style is abundant. 

The collection features a new take on an all-time favourite, the Onyx Imperial Hooded Top. 

"The Onyx Imperial features four pieces, the most out of any of the previous collections. For the release of the new Onyx Imperial, we decided to add baselayer leggings to the collection."

The leggings feature the iconic second-skin feel and thoughtful, performance-enhancing design.

DRY technology ensures breathability and a cool workout, whilst seamless fabrics enhance comfort and ease of movement.

"I actually looked at a lot of superheroes when considering designs," Jack reveals, smiling. "Wearing it, you look like you mean business."

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You don't want to miss this drop. May 30th at 7pm BST. Embrace the Darkness.

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