Nikki Blackketter Season 2 | Thank You


Nikki Blackketter Season 2 | Thank You


We want to begin by saying thank you

Today, we released the Nikki Blackketter Season 2 collection, and we are utterly blown away by the response we have received. As always, we are incredibly humbled.

The collection has almost sold out. We understand there are those of you who did not get what you wanted – we hope you will forgive us. 

As we continue to grow as a company and a brand, the demand for Gymshark can lead to incredibly fast sellouts, like today. This is something we are continuing to work upon for the very near future.

We work hard to ensure our Gymshark family is as happy as possible. It is, and will always remain, our number one priority. 

The Nikki Blackketter range is Limited Edition and will not be restocked. However, we can assure you, exciting things are coming.

Stay tuned.


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