Nikki Blackketter | Season 2


Nikki Blackketter | Season 2


This is your second collection with Gymshark - how did the experience differ from the designing of the first collection?

My first collection with Gymshark was such a new and exciting concept - we had so much fun playing around and designing it! It was my first time meeting the design team and doing this kind of thing, so it took some time. We had to learn about each other; how to communicate and get the vibe down that we were going for!

The second time around was even easier! I had grown closer and more comfortable with Lois and the design team - it was great when she knew exactly what I wanted right away. We wanted to tap into more “lifestyle” type clothing and I think we did exactly that! We also made an effort to keep a lot of elements from the first collection that did well. A lot of the pieces are the same, just with a colour change, or a small design adjustment here and there!

Your first collection was designed to showcase a woman’s feminine features, functionally perform within the gym, and had an added theme of mesh throughout– did you have any specific design ideas you wanted to incorporate within this range?

I had a completely different vision this time around… although I did want to keep the same feminine flair and shape of the first collection! It was important to me to add more swag to Season 2. I think lifestyle and fitness clothing are a great combination; I love the idea and versatility of being able to wear something in the gym, in your home, or even out and about, and still feel like you’re in style and comfortable!

What is your favourite piece and why?

The bomber jacket, hands down! I love each and every item, but the bomber jacket came out even better than I had dreamed! The quality and feel of it, the colours, the fit, it’s just amazing. I will definitely be sporting it out and about - you could literally wear it to almost any occasion!

The print chosen portrays your love of pineapples – was it easy to decide upon this, or did you have other ideas?

Our previous print was a flower/camo combo, but this time around, I had to stay true to my pineapple roots. It’s a signature “Nikki B” thing, and I felt it deserved a place in the collection this time around!

You said your first range represented a milestone within your life, and your journey with Gymshark - what does this range represent for you?

This range represents a different journey. For a while, when fitness really took over, it took over everything, and my life wasn’t very balanced. I feel that with my move to Los Angeles and a little self-reflection, I found that fitness could fit within a life that included a lot more as well! The lifestyle elements of this collection include that “swag” and comfort I feel here in LA. Whether you are cruising on a bike at the beach, going to your favourite wine bar in downtown, hitting up a sweaty workout at an outdoor gym, or simply relaxing on a rooftop patio in comfort with your best friends – Season 2 is ready for any activity!

Finally… If you could do anything differently (this collection, or the previous), would you?

At the moment, I’m very satisfied with how everything has turned out! The first collection sold out so quickly, I guess I wish we had made more the first time around. Seeing girls wearing Nikki B X Gymshark in their photos or at meet ups, or in the gym makes my heart swell with pride! I’m so proud and happy to be a part of this. I wouldn’t change a thing! 

Nikki B xo

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