New Release | So Soft Sweater

New Release | So Soft Sweater


A scholar of sleek minimalism, the So Soft Sweater is exactly that.

There are two unbreakable rules for any legit layering pieces: cute colours and duvet levels of comfort. Tick, and tick.

Its extended silhouette and drop shoulder design oozes minimalistic chic, whilst structured neckline and snug kangaroo pockets gives us all the stay-in-bed feels.

An infinitely cosy addition to your all-seasons arsenal, it's a must not miss.

Team with your favourite leggings for lounging to secure the snuggest Sunday get up. Be it a Netflix binge or a gorge on your mum's famous roast, the So Soft will have you feeling all kinds of comfy.

Switch up your silhouette for the new season to come.

RELEASING: 13.08.18, 19.00 BST.



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