New Release | Double Up Long Sleeve


New Release | Double Up Long Sleeve


Here at Gymshark, we like to keep things fresh. 

We're always looking to bring you something new - offering the most beneficial tools to help you to surpass your training potential, eclipse your goals and feel confident doing it.

Launching soon is our first women's two-in-one workout top, a concept designed to give you more choice when it comes to what you train in.

"Each layer caters to all kinds of gym lover. Whether you're into crop tops or longer length vests, the Double Up Long Sleeve covers all bases," says Lois Woodcock, Senior Womenswear Designer for Gymshark.

Learning which style you feel best in can have a considerable effect on your motivation to train.

How you feel in what you wear is vital.

It can be the difference between whether you get up and go, or avoid the gym altogether.

And let's be honest, in the winter months, we need all the motivation we can get.

Having the ability to choose one or the other, or style doubled up, gives you the freedom and versatility to customise not only your look, but your ideal coverage.

The lightbulb moment for Lois came when striving to create the functional winter workout top that caters to all. "The original idea was a double-up design intended for travelling to and from the gym. Once you've warmed up, you can easily take off a layer."

For the girl that loves to run, lift, dance, compete - whatever the activity, the option to layer up has plenty more advantages.

Now, let's meet the layers.

The Crop

Training can be tough, and that means needing workout clothes you can rely on to see you through.

Crafted with performance in mind, the cropped, long sleeve layer features a wide oval open back, designed to provide targeted ventilation.

Thumbholes offer a locked-in feel so you don't have to think twice about adjusting your clothing.

Its soft and lightweight material blend won't weigh you down, so you're guaranteed comfort that lasts.

With the winter chill, the addition of a long sleeve layer can give the added warmth that is often necessary. In a crop length, it's perfect worn over a sports bra alone, or with its companion...

The Vest

Your workout is getting intense and things are heating up. If worn doubled up, cooling down is as easy as slipping off the crop.

The foundation of the design began with a core, essential workout vest. For some, it's the foundation of a great workout experience. 

"The Double Up Long Sleeve covers all bases." Lois Woodcock, Senior Womenswear Designer.

Breathable, lightweight and the perfect length for comfortable coverage, the Double Up Long Sleeve is a tripe threat.

Beyond performance, the design is sleek, with a classic and timeless silhouette that works in every wardrobe.

An open racerback liberates your range of motion, and provides further ventilation that you can trust in.

A core workout vest is a necessity, but why not get more than you bargained for with a long sleeve crop that combines style, functionality and the ability to customise your style?

The Double Up Long Sleeve will be available from the 7th December at 3pm GMT in the following colourways: Black, Light Grey Marl and Purple Wash Marl.

Stay tuned, additional colours will be launching soon.

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