New Release | Construction

New Release | Construction


The concept is simple.

An expression of streamlined, sleek tailoring and a marriage of style and comfort built to last.

"The focus is on detail," explains Lucy Papps, Menswear Designer at Gymshark. 

"It might look pretty standard from afar but up close, sophisticated cut lines and features will build on the sporty Gymshark DNA."

The collection is cohesive, she tells us. 

Darts have been used during development to give a more refined silhouette and tailored look.

Unlike any product we've released, the Construction range features distinct seam shapes.

But she's not giving too much away.

Under construction, but launching soon...

Forward-thinking design feeds a sophisticated feel that's worth the wait.

Premium cuts and fine details take time. 

With a 4-piece collection built to last, versatile transitional style is imminent. From athletic origins to streetwear staple, the jogger-tee-pullover triad is irreplaceably cool and always current. 

Construction Complete: 13.08.18, 19.00 BST.



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