New In: Superior Lightweight Seamless

New In: Superior Lightweight Seamless



Push yourself in the Superior Lightweight Seamless, a collection of training tops designed with improving your performance in mind.

Not your traditional workout top, the Superior is made from our most lightweight seamless fabric blend, guaranteed to feel weightless whilst you train. Ensuring maximum comfort, the collection features breathable panelling for targeted ventilation. No matter the intensity, you'll be feeling cool and dry through every rep, set and rest.

Intense training requires full focus. The sleek, seamless design of the Superior ensures agile, distraction-free wear. But we know you want to look good too.

Its ultra lightweight material is both strong and flexible, combining unique knit patterns that follow your body's contours, shape your muscles and offer a physique-enhancing effect.

Each movement feels easy and unrestricted and every lift feels supported, no chafe or irritation. Ideal for anything from hard-hitting HIIT to a heavy push session. 

Its straight fit won't cling, but flatters. Team with your favourite pair of classic black joggers for effortless gym style.

Image credit: @shred_kelly


Available in: Black + Warm Beige.



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