New In: Geo Seamless

New In: Geo Seamless



LAUNCHING: 24th October 2019 | 7pm BST

Put Your Training In The Spotlight

In an ever-expanding world of seamless products, it’s all too easy to find yourself scrolling through a never-ending list; nodding silently at the product description, despite not actually understanding what the term "seamless" means.

Geo, the latest range to grace Gymshark’s accomplished collection, combines a striking linear design with the latest innovations in sportswear technology to give you our most comfortable product yet.

The Collection:
• Leggings • Cropped Leggings • Long Sleeve Crop Top • Sports Bra

The Colour Palette:
• Black • Rose • Teal

For some, heading into the cooler months means ditching the louder, more lurid pieces of gym wear, but if our stylists have taught us anything, it's that it’s always favourable to have more mellow pieces to add into your rotation. Geo Seamless echos the change in season; offering more subdued tones through its Black, Teal and Rose colourways.


Working in collaboration with the booty-gods, Geo has been designed with a variety of contour and shade-like detailing to help enhance glute definition.

Fashioned in a way that causes the fabrics to have more stretch than with conventional cut and sew techniques, Geo allows for a more comfortable and less restrictive fit than your every-day bit of kit. With comfort being at the forefront of this capsule drop, design focus has been directed towards the finer details. Leggings feature a high waistband for full-support, whilst its multi-layered Sports Bra co-ord, ensures a wider range of movement during your workout.

Choose Your Team:

The collections purpose lends itself to a wider variety of workouts than your average product. Choose your team and try Geo for one of the disciplines below.

Team: Function


The high stretch and sweat-wicking capabilities of Geo Seamless make it perfect for the plyometric and functional movements undertaken in HIIT workouts. Drawing sweat away from your skin and keeping you focused on pushing yourself to the max 'till the very last second.

Team: Combat


You don't have to be the next Katie Taylor to want to step into the ring or combat the stresses of the day with a boxercise class. Letting out any pent up energy on an unsuspecting pad is invariably going to be an excellent stress relief. The soft to touch and second skin feel of Geo Seamless makes it your perfect combat partner.

Team: Flow


Channel your inner yogi and find your zen whilst stretching out in Geo Seamless; flexibility, comfort and easy athleisure style meet flattering fits and striking designs.

Which team will you be choosing? Let us know in the comments below...





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