National Relaxation Day


National Relaxation Day


It is National Relaxation Day! (No, we are not making these days up...) 

Of course, we don’t think anyone needs a reason to relax. 

In case you do, here is Isabell Böttger and Mike Diamonds to tell you why…

With all the work, stress and daily problems that come with life, it can weaken you, and your body. So, after everything I dealt with in the last month, I was at that point where I just had to leave all my problems behind, and my home, to relax and give my body time to regenerate.

For me, it was important to leave behind my everyday surroundings in order to switch off. 

Being on holiday simply enjoying life and being surrounded by amazing scenery was the best decision I could make in this situation.

Now, after my holiday, I am fitter, my body feels good, and I am incredibly motivated to start again in my everyday life.

Listen to your body, because you only have this one!

Rest days are as important, and crucial, as training days. A week of constantly lifting heavy and sticking to nutrition can be shocking to your CNS and muscles. 

Contrary to popular belief, gains are made on rest days. 

All muscle reparation and muscle building are done on rest days. 

A full 8 hours of sleep and my favourite Port Ark Hoodie and Track pants on a rest day. 

I'm not even saying that for this post! You will often catch me on Instagram live rocking that very outfit. 

It is the perfect blend of comfort and style.

So, there you have it! 

Today is your day to chill on the sofa and order that pizza you have been craving... 

You can find Isabella on Instagram here, and Mike Diamonds here. Give them a follow! 


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