My Vision: Episode 6 – Matt Ogus and Chris Lavado


My Vision: Episode 6 – Matt Ogus and Chris Lavado


The ‘My Vision’ campaigns were created to delve deeper in to the world of our athletes, who continuously push themselves to the limit and have inspired the lives of so many.

Episode 6.

All it takes is a small group of people to have the same Vision, and make it a reality.

Chris Lavado and Matt Ogus have been with Gymshark from the beginning, they have played a pivotal role within the family and continue to, even to this day.

Matt’s journey began when he was dumped by his seventh-grade girlfriend, deciding that having abs gets you girls, he embarked upon his mission. 

He soon realised that after returning to school it does not get you girls, however he had gained something else, confidence. 

Matt then started a weight training class and learnt how to lift properly. Propelling him in to the world of YouTube at a time when not many people were doing what he did, he provided his followers value and good advice, completely free.

Chris’s journey began in high school. After being persuaded to try out for the football team by a friend, Chris found himself un-racking 95lb and almost crushing his sternum, causing him to come to the realisation that he was not built for weight training. The bad experience triggered something inside of Chris, and set him on a different path.

He decided to purchase his first Gym membership during the school holidays, frequenting seven days a week for an hour and a half. Training solely abs, biceps and running on the treadmill, not realising he could train any other aspect of the body. 

From never being to a Fitness Expo, to causing one of the longest queues at BodyPower, Matt Ogus and Chris Lavado are an inspiration to many people, and want others to follow their own dreams, their own Vision.

Watch their ‘My Vision’ video to help find yours.


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