My Vision: Episode 4 – Jazmine Garcia


My Vision: Episode 4 – Jazmine Garcia


The ‘My Vision’ campaigns were created to delve deeper in to the world of our athletes, who continuously push themselves to the limit and have inspired the lives of so many.

Episode 4.

Life can be more than a challenge, but some people come back bigger, better, and stronger than before.

Jazmine Garcia has endured her fair share of heartache, starting her journey on a dark path, she was scared, confused and alone. Turning to YouTube as an outlet, she found comfort and support in the public. A year later, she is sponsored by Gymshark.

On December the 20th, Jazmine Garcia’s mother sadly passed away after a long and hard battle with colon cancer. 

Jazmine lost her best friend, her entire world, and naturally fell in to a deep depression which in turn caused a ripple effect and triggered an eating disorder, something bought on not through a lack of loving herself, but through a lack of control.

An annual check-up at the doctor provided Jazmine with the information that if she continued upon the path she was currently walking, one day, she may not be able to have children, a wake-up call that shocked her in to the realisation a change must be imminent.

Looking for something to fill her with the happiness she was missing, and feeling uninspired by her work, she soon realised that her YouTube channel was providing the same income as her monthly pay check, pushing her to quit her job and change direction. 

After turning her once hobby in to a full-time career, Jazmine found herself as an affiliate of Gymshark, however within a month, she was offered a full sponsorship.  

To feel even more uplifted by Jazmine and her incredible story, watch her ‘My Vision’ video, her story will brighten and inspire your day.


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