My Vision: Episode 3 – Nikki Blackketter


My Vision: Episode 3 – Nikki Blackketter


The ‘My Vision’ campaigns were created to delve deeper in to the world of our athletes, who continuously push themselves to the limit and have inspired the lives of so many.

Episode 3. 

A change can be good; a change can also alter your entire life. 

Nikki Blackketter began her journey in a different way. Making poor decisions and losing sense of who she was, she made an epic change. A change which turned her life around and saw her becoming the first ever female Gymshark athlete. 

Immediately running away from the confines of a small town and with no direction, Nikki took an immediate dislike to community college, dropping out and waiting tables fulltime, a decision which caused her to turn to alcohol and partying.

The time had come for Nikki to make a change. 

Seeing quick results by lifting weights and beginning to replace alcohol with working out, it became her outlet. 

Finishing work at 11pm, Nikki would immediately find herself in the gym, whilst her friends continued to party and drink, causing Nikki to move on with her life, without the people she once knew. 

Reaching out via social media, Nikki took comfort in her network of online followers, a support system which saw her through a lonely time and provided a platform to showcase her continuing progress. 

After meeting the Gymshark gang at BodyPower, Nikki found herself sponsored as the first female Gymshark athlete, and able to give something back to her followers- Strength and empowerment. 

Take a look in to the extraordinary world of Nikki Blackketter, a video that will have you wanting to make a change so big, it will alter your world.  


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