My Vision: Episode 2 – Lex Griffin


My Vision: Episode 2 – Lex Griffin


The ‘My Vision’ campaigns were created to delve deeper in to the world of our athletes, who continuously push themselves to the limit and have inspired the lives of so many.

Episode 2.

Lex Griffin was the first ever Gymshark athlete.

He remembers the first T-shirts, first Stringers, first ever BodyPower. He was there from the beginning, and Gymshark will never forget that.

From a young age Lex was interested in fitness, so much so, his mother would send him out on a run, to alleviate a bad mood.

Involved in sports throughout school and always physically active, Lex knew that his life was more than likely going to head in a certain direction. 

After completing his degree and qualifying as a fitness instructor, Lex was led in to the world of Thai Boxing, in which he was overwhelmed by the family orientated environment, dedication and level of respect shown by this tight knit community. 

After a minor setback within the boxing world, he was pushed in to the forefront of the fitness world. After being asked by a well-known magazine to participate in a shoot, Lex was propelled forward in to an entirely new direction: bodybuilding.

It was at this point that Gymshark stumbled across a video blog Lex had posted two weeks before a competition, looking lean and healthy, enjoying a sunny (very rare) English day, we gained contact, and as they say, the rest is history.  

To hear more from Lex about his life, experiences, and relationship with Gymshark, check out his ‘My Vision’ story, it’s one you won’t want to miss.   


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