My Vision: Episode 1 - Steve Cook & Christian Guzman


My Vision: Episode 1 - Steve Cook & Christian Guzman


The ‘My Vision’ campaigns were created to delve deeper in to the world of our athletes, who continuously push themselves to the limit and have inspired the lives of so many.

Episode 1.

Every journey begins somewhere. 

Christian Guzman’s journey began in his college dorm room, having his roommate take photos of him, in the hope that someday, he would be featured on the Gymshark Instagram page.

A new start in college led him to look toward a different path. Looking to other athletes online for advice, he bought himself a camera and documented his journey. Simply wanting to share his experience, he had no idea that he would reach people on the level he has.  

Steve Cook began his journey on the football field, a father who was a High School basketball coach/athletic director and being one of seven children, fitness has always been a part of his life.

A difficult time in his life led him searching for something more. Married at twenty-one years old, and divorced at twenty-four, he found himself coming to the realisation he was not where he wanted to be in life. With his football career behind him, Steve entered a body building show, and gave it everything he had.

Whether it is the support from Gymshark, or from the fans, within this video you can feel the family orientated environment in which the athletes thrive, giving back to those who have followed them throughout their careers.

Give this episode a watch if you would like to feel part of something truly special.


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