My CrossFit Journey | Obi Vincent


My CrossFit Journey | Obi Vincent


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I’m Obi Vincent - Gymshark athlete and Personal Trainer in the UK. 

Growing up and well into my teens, I was on the chubby side. I avoided any form of physical activity and hated sports, (I loved WWE and wanted to become wrestler… seriously)! 

I was, however, a junk food expert. You name it, I have probably eaten it! I decided to make a change when someone said something about my weight back in my early 20’s. Funnily enough, I began my fitness journey as a jogger, which I did for about a year – 60 minutes, every day. I then began including weight training a year after that, and the rest is history.

It all started with a CrossFit VS Bodybuilding video for YouTube - the idea was for me to compete against a seasoned CrossFitter. After training and filming that day, I loved it. I had never considered CrossFit after having pre-conceived negative notions; this held me back exploring CrossFit and what it was all about. I am so happy I went against the grain and gave it a shot. I watched the Netflix documentary ‘fittest on earth’ and was motivated to mix both bodybuilding and CrossFit: I am now what I call a ‘CrossLifter’.  

I started in July 2017, and honestly, I have never loved training more. It has been an eye opener and life changing. My goals have changed completely; I want to be aesthetic, but also have great athletic and gymnastic skills. There is no reason why I can’t do all these things, and that to me, that is what fitness is all about. 

Hence why my slogan is ‘BREAKTHEMOULD’… which means, doing what is unexpected and not being afraid to stand out and be more open to new things that are outside of your comfort zone.

I love the community spirit within CrossFit, I have met some great people who have been nothing more than encouraging and willing to help me learn and get better. The motivation I receive has been something I can say I have never truly experienced. The workouts are always brutal and I love the aspect of learning so many different types of training; from Olympic lifting, gymnastics to metabolic conditioning. The positivity amongst the CrossFit community is awesome.

For anyone thinking of trying CrossFit - start small and take baby steps. Do not make the mistake I made by trying to do everything at once. Most importantly, get advice from professional coaches at your local CrossFit Box, especially being a newbie. Remember mobility/stretches/flexibility and accessory work is key, so don’t neglect the ‘boring’ stuff. The main thing is, don’t be too hard on yourself; if you struggle at first with the workouts, that’s all part of the process of learning. As the saying goes: 

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, it takes time and a lot of effort. You’ll love it, but be aware, your appetite will go through the roof. You’ll be eating so much food! Which to me is an awesome thing. 

The number one Benefit of adding CrossFit into my training is my athleticism has improved massively. My endurance has become better when it comes to long metabolic conditioning training also long distance cardio has gotten easier, I have learnt and still learning so many new training techniques, ultimately my love for fitness has never been better.  

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