Muscle building upper body workout with Elliot Burton

Muscle building upper body workout with Elliot Burton


If you’re looking for ways to split up your training sessions, a push-pull split is a great option. 

Not only does it promote muscular balance, but it makes sure your muscles have time to recover in between sessions, which can help to prevent injury.

So, what’s the difference between push and pull workouts? 

A push workout, like Elliot is doing here, primarily works your chest, triceps, quads, calves and shoulders. The workload comes when your muscle is lengthened. Examples might be the military press or squatsessentially any exercise where the load is being pushed away from your body. 

A pull workout is the opposite, meaning that the effort comes when the muscle is being shortened (or pulled towards the body). Pull exercises include pull-ups and deadlifts

Fancy giving it a go? Give this push workout from Elliot Burton a try. 


The workout

  • Barbell Military Press 4X10
  • Superset: Rear Military Press 3X10, Lateral Raises 3X10
  • Smith Machine Incline Press 4X10
  • Superset: Arnold Press 3X10, Incline Fly 3X10
  • Superset: Front Raises 3X10, Close Grip Push-up 3X10
  • Cable Fly 4X12 
  • Superset: Cable Rope Pull Down 

Give this a go and get ready to feel the burn! 

What are your favourite push day exercises? Let us know in the comments down below. 


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