Dylan Evans | From Chemo To Sparring With Darren Till

Dylan Evans | From Chemo To Sparring With Darren Till


We’re lucky at Gymshark.

But we’re not lucky for the reasons you may think.

We’re lucky because this incredible journey has allowed us to encounter some incredible people, with incredible stories. 

One of those people is Dylan Evans.

Quitting his job to try and make it as a professional MMA fighter, Dylan fought six times before being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

A type of blood cancer, patients in the early stages of Hodgkin Lymphoma are treated through either chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Dylan began chemotherapy in March this year and has undergone treatment every two weeks, then two weeks to recover; an exhausting and tedious process.

Less than halfway through his treatment, Dylan was given the ‘all-clear’ by his haematologist, but as he said, “like a course of antibiotics, I have to finish it, otherwise the cancer will come straight back.”

Not only has Dylan smashed through his treatment, he has also continued to train throughout, refusing to allow his years of graft and determination go to waste.

Making the most of every moment outside of chemotherapy, Dylan wasted no time in feeling sorry for himself, and in one training session climbed the equivalent of the Shard.

The question is, will Dylan return to the cage? 

This is very much dependent on his recovery and future training sessions. As they say, only time will tell.

Until then, a couple of rounds with Darren Till should suffice, right?

Once Dylan’s treatment was over, we joined up with Joe.co.uk and flew him out to Las Vegas to meet Darren whilst he trains for his upcoming fight in Dallas, Texas. 

So, what did Dylan have to say about all this?

“Getting ready to spar with these boys, I’m fucking buzzing. It’s the first sparring session since my last chemo two weeks ago. Now I’ve got the opportunity to train with these boys. Time to sharpen them tools and take back what cancer took away from me.

I can’t explain it - surreal experience, it’s just frustrating. I know how much better I am than that, but I can’t get disheartened.

I get to train with legends man, I get to punch these boys in the face, it’s insane.

It’s frustrating, it’s very frustrating, because a year ago I was in such good shape with my cardio. It’s heart-breaking a little bit, but it’s also a little bit of fuel to my fire.

I’ll be here with these boys on a permanent basis before you know it.

Fuck cancer mate."

We think that’s a pretty good way to leave this article.

If you’d like to see more of Dylan’s journey, check out the video below and his series with Joe.co.uk “Fight Of Your Life".  



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