Make Your Rest Day the Ultimate Experience


Make Your Rest Day the Ultimate Experience


With Marvel Entertainment recently releasing 'Avengers: Infinity War', you'll have no doubt noticed an influx of articles on your Twitter feed, telling you how you're able to 'Train Like the Hulk' and similarly, get a 'Superhero Physique' in-time for summer.

As much as we love a new fitness trend and the actual concept behind the recent inundation of articles, we think it's missing one vital element.

Pushing aside the holy trinity of muscle growth, we're re-introducing the fourth, sometimes forgotten aspect of fitness - recuperation.

Unlike superheroes, our civilian muscles take time to repair, rebuild and strengthen. So, the question is, how do we make our rest day the ultimate experience, without making it a complete cheat day?


Not that we actually need an excuse to chill out and binge on a few episodes of our favourite Netflix series but with the recent launch of the Slounge and Breathe collection we thought we'd give you an alibi, just in case.

Don't know what to watch? Take a look at our current favourites this month:

The Office

Mockumentary in its finest form. Be it the UK or the US version, The Office has paved the way for a new, brilliantly awkward wave of comedy.

House of Cards

Even if you know little about the complex workings of US politics, you'll quickly become addicted to House of Cards.

With K.Spacey portraying the character of a ruthless congressman on his journey to the top of the VIP group, the cold, clinical manner in which he partners up with his on-screen wife, is brilliantly chilling.

5 seasons of powerful acting and mind-gripping plots - what more could you want?

Stranger Things

Capturing the world's imagination. 

Replete with references to E.T, The Goonies, Poltergeist and Stephen King, it'll no doubt bring back a few nostalgic memories for those born in the 80s.

From supernatural forces and shady government agencies to small-town heroics, Stranger Things has it all.


Significantly proven to have a unique link with our emotions, music has the ability to increase productivity, motivation and happiness.

So whether you're after a tribute song to Avicii, or you simply feel the need to unwind to the melodic voice of Mac DeMarco - the diverse range of Gymshark Spotify playlists has you covered. 

Sit back, relax and stay in-tune with Gymshark.


Gymshark | Cool Down

Follow our athlete playlists on Spotify
for some fresh workout beats.


Nutritious food, a few hours extra sleep...

You name it - it's time to refuel.

Find Your Zen

With your rest day in full swing, it's time to find your zen. 

Proven to reduce muscle tightness and circulate blood flow, stretching eases muscle soreness. So, whether you're a yoga enthusiast, a country walker or a city adventurer, it's time to make your rest day active.

As the Hulk would say - it's time to "SMASH" your rest day.

What will you be doing?


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