Madalin Giorgetta | The Ultimate Mix 'N Match Guide

Madalin Giorgetta | The Ultimate Mix 'N Match Guide


Hi guys, it’s me Madalin! I’m going to be taking you through a lil' style lookbook that I’ve made up for ya’ll and I hope you love it. 

I’m from Perth, Western Australia and before I was all about that squat life, I had my own fashion label which I established after studying fashion design and technology. 

I worked as a freelance stylist and designer and my favourite part was putting together new looks for editorials and magazines. So when Gymshark contacted me to come up with a lil' lookbook, I was a very happy gal.

I like a challenge, so decided to make this lookbook a wee bit tricky, and gave myself 1 rule:

#1: You can only use use one piece from each collection 

This means I was forced to mix ’n match the pieces from all different collections, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought.

All Gymshark pieces are designed to be paired together, due to the matching colour ways, so it’s possible to wear the Flex Leggings with the Ease Sports Bra, or the Dreamy Shorts with the Flex Crop Top.


BAND IT: Style the band of the Flex/Fit collections with similar block coloured pieces  

MATCH COLOURS: If unsure, style the colour of the legging, with the colour of a bra in a different collection 

GO NATURAL: Natural colours like Taupe and Sand will be your hardest working pieces as you’ll find you’re able to mix and much with so many different colourways, so stock up. 

BUDGET STYLE: Stick to a palette that will work with all colours in your wardrobe. For instance, if you own mostly lighter coloured activewear try mint, taupe, peach and pastel lilac. 

SEARCH IT: Use the search button on Gyshark to find collections with the same colours. For instance if you type in "khaki", it will come up with the Dreamy, Flex and Seamless all in khaki and you’ll find you can mix and match all these pieces together. 

#FITSPO: I look to my fellow Gymshark girls to see how they style together their pieces. My favs are Hanna, Krissy and Robin, they will all give you great ideas of how to mix’nmatch (and me duh) 

Now, to the edit! 


Starting off we have the Ease Sports Bra in Ice Blue, paired with the Slounge Leggings in Light Grey Marl

Because these are both cool colour tones, they look so complementary paired together, I love baby blue and grey. I love this outfit for walking my dog, throw on a denim jacket and you’re good to go!


Next up, the Energy Seamless Sports Bra in Khaki worn with the Flex Leggings in Khaki/Sand

The band is a dark khaki and matches perfectly with the sports bra. This made it an easy choice to also pair the Ballet Crop in Sand with this look as the Flex legging colourway is Khaki/Sand! 


Now we have the Dreamy Shorts in Taupe, Solace Sweater in Chalk Pink Marl and the Vital Seamless Sports Bra in Sea Foam Green.

Because these are all light colours, they work together really nicely. 

I like to crop the Solace Sweater by wearing it tucked under my sports bra as it gets hot in Australia and also, I like to look cute so there’s that. 


I call this next look when-it’s-cold-but-you-just-shaved-and-tanned-your-legs lol. 

The Flex Shorts, Ballet Crop and the Lo Bomber

All really different collections, but by matching the colour of the band (peach marl) to the colour of my top, it works. 

The bomber is a darker shade of grey from the shorts, but it pulls the look together nicely. 

I think this is my favourite look. 


Again, I’ve matched the colour of the band to the colour of the top.

I've paired the Energy Seamless Sports Bra in Taupe with the Fit Leggings in Taupe/Sand.

I’ve also taken the Vital Seamless Vest in Sand, and tied the front into a knot (learnt this from@fitgurlmel!) to create a cropped style. 

Throw on a khaki jacket and you’ve got yourself a lewk

Khaki is one of my favourite colours from the Gymshark collections, simply because I love how many different colourways I can pair with it. 

I love that they are expanding their Khaki range, so much cuteness in there. 


I’ve paired the Dreamy Shorts and Flex Crop Top together and then added the Long Sleeve Ribbon Crop Top with this outfit. I like to tuck this top under, into my crop top as I prefer a more cropped look. 

I also push the sleeves up as I like having wrists free to do fun stuff. 

I also love the way the flex band peeks out from under the top, how cute! I stole this from Robin, thanks bebe. 


I call this last look my casual-could-pass-for-non-activewear-look. 

The Dreamy Leggings, a bright coloured Flex Sports Bra for a pop of colour and a cropped denim jacket to keep it suitable for outside the gym. 

This is why I mentioned earlier in this guide that it’s a good idea to stock up on natural colours, as you’ll find you can pair so many of the different collections with these. 

So there you have it, my ultimate mix ’n match guide! 

Comment below with your favourite look, I’d love to know. 

If you want more of me, come follow on my YT or Instagram page. 

Madalin x


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