#LIFTDUBLIN | The Dublin Bucket List

#LIFTDUBLIN | The Dublin Bucket List


Dublin, what's the craic?

We're back and boy oh boy are we excited. 

You've been told the date. You've been told the location. 

But what actually happens in Dublin's fair city?

Yes, the girls are pretty, streets are rather broad and narrow, and you might find a few fresh cockles and mussels being sold, but... trust us, there's more to the lucky land than just that.

With a little inside knowledge right here from the GSHQ, we've found the places to sweat the sins, drink the sins (coffee...we definitely mean coffee) and more importantly, the ideal locations to put your feet up and have a cheat day meal after standing in a long, arduous line for a few hours... (we're sorry).

Dublin, we're coming for you. Are you ready? 


1. SBG Charles Town

We get it. Lifting weights, particularly in bright coloured stringers isn't quite the go-to sport for everyone but, that's where SBG Charles Town comes into play and changes the game.

"You've got to use your weapons, lead your opponent into a position where he's vulnerable and force him to make a decision. You make sure that he makes the wrong decision." - Owen Roddy

Run by no other than Owen Roddy himself, the mixed martial arts gym offers a variety of classes - from open mat, to BJJ Nogi, to MMA Sparring and if you ask for it, even a little bit of advice...

"Everybody has patterns. Everybody has subconscious reactions. It's all about drawing them out."

Are you ready to make history?

- Photo by Zach Meaney
- Photo by Zach Meaney

2. St. Stephen's Green

It's known as Dublin's most popular green lung for a reason...so, if a breath of fresh air or a peaceful gander is something that you're in dire need of - we've found the ideal place.

With nine elegantly landscaped hectares, we have no doubt that lush green grass won't be the only thing in your direct line of vision.

Spread across the walkways are some notable artwork pieces; from monuments, to playgrounds. Scenic, chic bandstands to a memorial to those who died in the potato famine - St. Stephens Green really is a breath of fresh air.

3. Guinness Storehouse

The black stuff, the good stuff, ebony's nectar - no matter what you call it - after standing in a long arduous line, even we'll admit that a cold, refreshing pint of the Irish champagne would go down an absolute treat. 

It's an unforgettable experience...take that as you will.

4. Raw Gyms

It's raw. It's passionate. It's ready and waiting... for you.

Raw Gyms are unlike something we've seen before. With a wide variety of fitness classes, their 'secret sessions' are an absolute burnout. 

Once a week in Sandyford the class is surprised with a secret session from hell. The key piece of advise given...don’t try and predict what it is. You won’t want to be right.


1. Mooch Fro Yo

If there's anything that we hate more than the shooting-fire pain of your last and best squat set on leg day, it's ice-cream dripping down your hand before you've even had the chance to eat it.

This time, we've got your back - introducing the wonder of fro yo - a healthier form of ice-cream...in a pot. 

The process is simple; 

  1. - Choose from a variety of six flavours.
  2. - Choose your size.
  3. - Choose your toppings.

You'll thank us later.

2. Bunsen Burger

Burgers. Straight-up.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Like every human, we're more than susceptible to a cheat day and burgers...well, they're a hearty favourite here at GSHQ. 

We don't want to reveal too much, but trust us, the squishy burger bun, the gooey cheese, the... well, we just said that we didn't want to reveal too much... you'll have to find out for yourself. 

3. Network

We know that visiting a new city and having no idea where to sit down and grab a decent cup of coffee can be a little soul-destroying. Trust us when we say, we know... so, we're bringing you caffeine. A whole bucket load...

Oh and a lil' fun fact - they're 100% dog friendly. If you lose sight of any of us over the weekend, you'll know where we'll be...

4. Alchemy Juice

It's all about the small stuff at Alchemy Juice. 

Fresh, raw and packed with BIG flavour - according to them, it's all you'll need to make this city your own.

With a collective mix of juices, smoothies and, if you're feeling brave enough... shots of turmeric or ginger - trust us when you say that you'll feel the health kick pretty quickly.



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