#LIFTBRUM | The Birmingham Bucket List


#LIFTBRUM | The Birmingham Bucket List


You've been told the date. You've been told the location.

So, what happens next?

Word travels fast and from what we can gather, many of you are travelling from afar to join us in celebrating our biggest event to date.

With that being said, we know that visiting a new city and having no idea where to sit down and grab a decent cup of coffee can be a little soul-destroying. Trust us when we say, we know.

This time, it's different -  we're home and we're coming to the rescue.

As the Birmingham pop-up is located in no other than our hometown, as a company, we've collectively come together to bring you our favourite spots in Brum.

Welcome to the #0121 family.

Activity Based:

1. Black Country Barbell

Urban. Industrial. On-trend.

Tried and tested by no other than David Laid himself, the Black Country Barbell offers the ultimate gym experience. 

2. Crossfit Digbeth

Lift, climb, jump - you name it, Crossfit has it. 

3. Digbeth Street Art

It's been called the City of Colour and we couldn't agree more. Renown for its vibrant street art and urban culture, you may, or may not be seeing a few Gymshark additions very shortly...

4. The Custard Factory

Unfortunately, it's no longer a factory full of custard, but...it is the hub of all things creative. With its eclectic mix of artwork, shops and restaurants the Custard Factory is definitely worth having a mosey around.

5. Ghetto Golf

Taking crazy golf to the extreme, Ghetto Golf ensures a vibrant, electric experience. We don't want to give away too much, you'll just have to take a look for yourself.

*18+ only.

Food and Caffeine Refuel:

1. Digbeth Dining Club

If street food is your kind of thing, the DDC will not disappoint. It's vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of fresh food is every foodie's dream. Go, go go.

2. Kanteen

Fancy something a little refreshing?

Integrating street food and nutrition, Kanteen offers a unique array of dishes to please any appetite. Available to eat in or take out, health never tasted, let alone looked so good.

3. OPM

Although we're all about fitness, like every human, we're more than susceptible to a cheat day. This time around, we want to share the ultimate cheat day experience with you.

Known as the 'Purveyors of Filth', the Original Patty Men makes for a mouth-watering experience that won't be forgotten easily. We don't want to reveal too much, see for yourself.

4. Faculty

Caffeine. Caffeine. Caffeine.

5. York's Café

Brunchin' and late lunchin' never felt so good. Located in various areas in Birmingham, York's Café pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a café in the city.

Are you ready?

Comment below if you know of any other go-to places in Birmingham.


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