Lex Griffin | A New Motivation Part Two


Lex Griffin | A New Motivation Part Two



Alongside your overall goal, be sure to set yourself realistic short-term goals that you can monitor week to week and month to month. 

- These help to ensure you are focused on your current situation and able to make necessary changes and adjustments as you progress to stay on track during unexpected hurdles.

- Understanding that your major goal is controlled by the consistent small changes you create from week to week/month to month will help maintain your focus and understanding of what REAL progression is!

Focusing only your long-term goal is going to become hard work very quickly for the simple fact that Change Is Slow!

Outside of the initial hype & reaction you get from doing something, new things become static pretty fast, so focusing on the smaller things will be the reward you need to stay on track. Consistently pushing through each small milestone will have you making real leaps towards that final target PLUS keep you away from falling for the usual ‘Quick Fix’ solutions which are mostly nonsense or harmful in the long run!


It is important to plan ahead in terms of filling your cupboards with plenty of healthy options, so you are not caught short and forced to dip into the biscuit jar too often! (Macro diets dictate we can dip in now and again, but we’ll save that for another time).

Understanding more about food will allow you to understand how you can control your body so I urge you to research ACTUAL literature on Macronutrient Diets and DO NOT, I Repeat DO NOT, start cutting things from your diet and living off plain meat and veg. A balanced monitored diet with a healthy active lifestyle and consistent training is what will carry you further than 10 weeks of hell; leaving you feeling like crap and looking like a string bean that’s been left in the steamer a few hours too long! No human can, or should, have to live off bland, boring and anemic looking food!

- Avoid going shopping on an empty stomach

- If you’re a man, and lazy like me, then when you cook simply make 2 meals worth at a time. This way you’ll build a back-up number of meals that don’t all taste the same (assuming you cook more than once per day).

- Seasoning is all fair game, so stock up on your herbs and spices to stop your meals being bland and boring.

- SODIUM aka salt is NOT evil, nor should it be cut from your diet. Your body is smart and so long as you drink plenty of water it will self-regulate and excess sodium will be excreted.  


When you undertake anything, it’s important to ensure you maintain a positive attitude and reduce any negativity that has been surrounding you. Basically, if something in your life doesn’t do anything but hinder you, distract you, or actively stops you being able to do things, then GET RID OF IT!

Whether you realise it or not, the environment you live in directly affects your attitude, motivation, outlook and inevitably your success rate! As people we have a bad habit of holding onto bad habits!

It might be tough to change parts of your lifestyle and maybe even some of your ‘friends’ but if you de-clutter your life, focus on the aspects which provide you with a positive driving force, stay away from the factors that consistently cause chaos, then you will find success becomes a common practice!

We all have the ability to become better, we just have to find the right method that suits our lives and personality to allow us to do so!

You’re an individual but you are not alone, so reach out to others, support your friends and most of all don’t be afraid to fail! One set back does not define our ability to succeed!

Well, I think that’s enough emotional quoting and rambling from me! If you would like to challenge yourself a little further physically, check out this challenge I set myself & you guys! 

PLUS, a raw look at why facing your weaknesses can only make you stronger as I embark on literally improving my strength in the big three by showing how low my starting point really is for this technical & mental challenge.

So, until the next one, stay tuned via my YouTube channel & social media for more lifestyle, training & nutrition. 

Catch you soon…

BOOMBabY! (Yep, we’re bringing that back)!

I’m out!



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