Lex Griffin | A New Motivation Part One


Lex Griffin | A New Motivation Part One


In a world where what we see typically lasts about 24 hours before it disappears, I thought it would be a good idea to create a little corner in cyberspace that will be around a little longer!

I’m Lex & welcome to my BlogSpot!

Expect The Unexpected

Here’s the thing… In real life (the place where we are forced to interact with other human’s face to face) I don’t tend to plan future events in huge detail. I often go with the flow and react to what is happening in and around my life. This is mainly because I am always late to things and terrible at looking in my diary, BUT, I am never lacking enthusiasm!

SO, staying true to myself this is pretty much how we will run this space… with Enthusiasm and Spontaneity. I’ll run through topical subjects that are relevant to everyone, BUT, I want you guys to have some say in what we talk about. So, make sure to keep your eye on my social media because this is where I will provide the chance for you to put forward any chosen topic.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; even if they may seem ‘dumb’, because I guarantee there are literally hundreds of other people thinking the exact same ‘dumb’ thing! Especially since many of you may have embarked on a new Fitness journey in 2018, in which many avenues may lead to unchartered territory.

Which brings me to today’s topic… MOTIVATION!


We are approaching mid-March and if you are still maintaining your New Year’s goals, then well done you among the select few! 

It’s thought that around 35% of people choose being fitter/healthier as their top resolution, BUT, within a few months it’s estimated that over 50% will have already failed or abandoned their goals.

I know what many of you may be thinking… however, this isn’t because they don’t have the testicular fortitude to carry out their goals, but more than likely expected too much too fast, became disheartened, and lost, so put their focus into something else they have more control over. 

Like not picking at their hands when company is around OR remembering to put things in the dishwasher rather than above it! 

(These may or may not be related to me under threat of not being fed…)

In terms of changing our body and/or becoming more proficient in our chosen sport, we must accept that no matter how strong our will or desire, there is no way around the fact that EVERYTHING takes TIME & CONSISTENCY! Without these two major factors we will not succeed in anything… ever!


EDUCATION: Simply look deeper! It’s pointless to focus on the finish line if you have no understanding of the way to get there!

Example: A common misconception is that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time! People think this because they often undertake exercise and new diet at the same time:

- The new consistent eating protocols help the body to look leaner due to water rebalance and better daily consistency.

- The new Training helps to make the muscles look fuller with improved blood flow and glycogen retention.

These reactions will plateau after the first few weeks at which point people can often believe they are now failing to succeed and become disheartened often leading to failure!

REALISTIC VIEWS: When most people start a journey they hold in their a head a picture of what they want to achieve…. This picture is often not themselves but somebody else who is already at the point they want to reach!

That’s great, having role models and people who inspire you is absolutely something that can help motivate you and start the fire burning BUT you need to understand that YOU are NOT your role models!

Look I love Anthony Joshua and what he has achieved/represents, BUT, I am never going to be a 6-foot-tall Adonis with a fist the size of my own head! See what I’m saying?!

Never compare yourself directly to others, it’s a never-ending rabbit hole of doom which you cannot win. Instead take attributes that others show that you are actually able to directly implement into your own life and training alongside (talking in terms of fitness) looking toward people of similar build, stature and genetic set-up. Yes, that’s right GENETICS MATTER… accept that!

You need to understand that we don’t all start on level playing field and the goal of improving your physique is a slow process and the timeframe to your goal will be decided by your starting point. Some of us are further away than others BUT we all walk the same path and all the same rules still apply and in that sense we are all still equal!

Head back over here next week to discover the final article on 'A New Motivation'! 

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