Playground L.A. x Gymshark


Playground L.A. x Gymshark


Picture the scene…


Melrose Avenue.

The Venue, Playground L.A. – the hottest new dance studio to hit Los Angeles.

Now, add in some kick-ass dance moves, a group of incredible women, a sprinkling of Gymshark, and you may find yourself at an event so sleek, you won’t ever want to leave.

Complete with a warehouse vibe, Playground L.A. is finished with high ceilings, exposed brick, and that perfectly social media friendly vibe – perfect for photo opportunities. 

An energetic dance class was led by professional dancer, choreographer, and celebrity trainer JJ Dancer (I mean, the name says it all, right)?

The girls wore Fit and Seamless Leggings, along with Fit Sports Bras and Basic Crops

With their outfits sorted, the girls had their hair workout prepped by PRIV, and prepared to engage in the high energy, dance cardio influenced class. 

With pink Gymshark branded mats and water bottles to match, the studio looked perfectly Instagram ready. 

Finishing off the intense class, the girls could relax and cool down with acai bowls, coconut water, and juices from Amazebowls

Check out some of the girls who attended the event! 

Chanel Iman, Chloe Morello, Julie Mayorga, Kaylee RicciardiIndia Gants, Sam Blacky and many more! 


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