Italy has opened its first Starbucks and it’s extra AF

Italy has opened its first Starbucks and it’s extra AF


Italy has opened its first Starbucks, but what it serves might not be quite what you expect. 

At the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan, you can get your hands on hand-crafted ice creams and baked goods at the in-store bakery.

Cocktail and coffee anyone?
Cocktail and coffee anyone?

If you’re looking for something a little stronger than your usual coffee, head upstairs to their cocktail bar and treat yourself to handcrafted cocktails! 

Just want a flat white? Fear not. 

You can get your hands on your usual Starbucks order and even dive deeper into your coffee tasting experience through their augmented reality experience. 


Why did it take Italy so long to get on the Starbucks hype anyway?

Italian coffee culture is very different to what we're used to and so Starbucks had to pull out all of the stops with this 25,000 square-foot coffee shop. 

So it has to be something extra special. We think Starbucks Reserve Roastery ticks that box. 

Whether it live up to Italian expectations remains to be seen but we're definitely big fans! 

*books flights to Milan*

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