Is Wearing Makeup to the Gym Bad for Your Skin?

Is Wearing Makeup to the Gym Bad for Your Skin?


We've all done it.

Just a touch of concealer there, a little bit of mascara... well, now you're here you might as well go for broke.

Before you know it, you're sweating at spin in a face full of makeup. You look fierce, that's for sure - but is wearing makeup whilst working out bad for your skin?  

Some of us rush straight from work to the gym with little time for skincare, whilst others just feel that little bit more confident with extra under-eye coverage and a swipe of brow gel.

But, is it really bad for your skin? Here's what we know.


No, really. 

Although you've probably had first-hand experience of post-gym pimples, you might be surprised to learn that sweat isn't directly to blame.

It's no secret that when we exercise, we get hot. 

As the skin's surface heats up, our pores open and are at more risk of being clogged up by anything that comes into contact with our face. 

This includes makeup. 

Foundation is designed to sit on the skin's surface to create that flawless, filtered texture - but when your body heats up, there's no stopping it sinking into your pores and leading to blemishes.


This won't come as a surprise but your gym's equipment, machines, weights, the floor... 

...probably not the cleanest of surfaces.

If you're touching weights and then touching your face, concealer or no concealer, it's a recipe for bad skin. Invest in a sweat towel rather than using your hands!


Don't wait to wash up.

If you choose to wear makeup to the gym, hit the showers as soon as you can post-workout, using a gentle cleanser on your face and body to remove oil build-up or bacteria.


lf you feel good, you perform better. Wearing makeup isn't detrimental to your skin and so long as you have a good cleansing routine, there's no harm in a little help if you feel better for it.

If you're going to opt for wearing makeup, we'd recommend keeping it light (a CC cream, or concealer in the areas you feel you need it).

What are your thoughts on wearing makeup to the gym? Let us know in the comments below.



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