Is This Healthy? | Lucy Mountain


Is This Healthy? | Lucy Mountain


Arguably one of the most asked questions we ask ourselves when it comes to food.

Closely followed by, ‘how much more cereal can I fit into this bowl?’

Just me? Okay, cool.

But what exactly is healthy? We are all individuals, with different goals and expectations; and this is where we all get kind of confused. Healthy looks different to everyone.

To someone who is looking to get a little leaner, a lower calorie option might be considered ‘healthy’, because it helps them reach their health goal.

To someone who is looking to build some muscle mass, a high calorie, high protein option might be considered ‘healthy’, because it helps them reach their health goal.

The common ground being; it helps them reach their health goal. That vegan fitness blogger you follow is probably going to promote a different kind of healthy than that body builder you follow. 

Which is why it is so important to start with what YOU want to achieve. 

Sure, Instagram can be a pretty motivational place when you’re not being bombarded with photos from your best friend’s ‘dog account’. However, keep an open mind and stay focused on what healthy means to you.

Of course, certain foods are more nutrient-dense and beneficial to our body than others. 200 calories of fruit pastels and 200 calories of almonds have the same amount of energy; however, they will have a different effect on your hunger, and mood. 

It’s important to be aware of these differences so you can take ownership of your diet.

For me personally, I aim to eat 80% filling, nutrient-dense foods, leaving 20% to not-so-nutrient sense foods that I just love the taste of. This is a realistic and practical way of approaching my kind of ‘healthy’. I don’t feel restricted; I don’t ban any foods. I’m just casually mindful of what I am eating.

Take some time to work-out what your ‘healthy’ is.

What do you want to achieve and is this goal realistic for your current lifestyle?

What is the most sensible way of getting there (preferably without crying into a bowl of ‘courgetti’)?

What other things do you value in your life?

I value my overall wellness, my social life and Pizza Hut’s all-you-can-eat buffet bar, so I eat accordingly. Ultimately; do you?

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