Introducing: Ease And Elite


Introducing: Ease And Elite


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Your sports bra can make you, or break you.

That’s no exaggeration.

Well, perhaps a slight exaggeration… still, it’s very important.

So, why the need for a good sports bra?

Well, the obvious reason is simple; it hurts like hell if you’re doing a whole lot of something, with a whole lot of no support. 

This applies to every shape and size; working out with no sports bra? Girl, you crazy.

Now, let’s break it down for you.

You find a sports bra you like, you choose your size, and you wear it for any kind of activity; weight training, yoga, crossfit – you name it, you work out in the same sports bra. 

It’s time for change.

Introducing: Ease and Elite; two sports bras designed for different types of activity. It’s not about your size anymore, it’s about what you’re doing.

“I realised there was a gap within Gymshark for a range of supportive bras...” explains Lois, Senior Womenswear Designer.

“We didn’t have an adjustable sports bra, nor did we have a sports bra specifically designed for certain exercises; high impact, low impact etc."

Enter the Ease and Elite, two sports bras designed to endure different levels of intensity, without compromising style. 

“I hate stand-alone products that don’t sit within a collection, so the Ease and Elite both have a design feature running throughout – the clear stripy elastic. It looks good, but it also performs”.

The Ease sports bra is designed for low impact – perfect for yoga, weight training, pilates etc. with its removable padding, adjustable straps and soft stretch fabric, you can move through your workout effortlessly, without any irritation.

The Elite sports bra is designed for medium impact – perfect for weight training, light cardio, and anything in between. With an open back and sweat-wicking capabilities, the Elite sports bra guarantees a dry and comfortable workout. 

“The Ease and Elite are perfect when paired with the Dreamy leggings” Lois says.

“However, there is no specific pairing for the two bras - you can mix it up! It all depends on how you feel”.

On a final note, Lois provides a little sneak peak in to the new season:

“SS18 Sports Bras is the second biggest category…”

We can’t wait.

The Ease and Elite will release at 3pm GMT on Thursday the 11th of January.

Set your alarms!


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