International Women's Day: Morgan and Madeleine

International Women's Day: Morgan and Madeleine


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Real Lifters: International Women's Day 2020

This International Women's Day, we're celebrating the women in our lives who lift us to our goals, to our potential and to our truest selves.

We stand by each for equal, and the ideal that every single person - no matter their race, views or upbringing - should be entitled to the same opportunities as the person next to them. This being said, none of that would be possible without the selflessness, loyalty and courage of the women who support us in everything we do.

So, in order to support the females in our lives that lift us to fight for glory; realise our potential; push boundaries and break misconceptions, we're bringing you six days of incredible and inspiring stories from six amazing women. 

Today, marks the fourth story. To find more from this years International Women's Day campaign, click here.

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Morgan and Madeleine: proving that real friendships come without conditions. 

Once you've watched the film footage below, please take an extra few minutes to delve further into the friendship of Morgan and Madeleine. Through both the intensity of training, and the pressure of competing, the two girls open up to us about how friendship is much more than just being there for each other. 

[Our Learning]:
Finding friendships that encourage you to achieve, and push you to break boundaries are unfailing. But, finding those who know just how far to push you, and understanding - even if you don't - when you need to rest, are hard to come by.

"I started figure skating when I was just 12 years old... but to those already in the industry, that made me middle-aged." 

Like any sporting discipline, skating is as demanding physically, as is it mentally. Behind the sequins, you'll discover a sport that demands pinpoint precision and flawless technique.

Strength, power and flexibility must be built off-ice, in order to match the on-ice requirements needed to perform, explains Morgan. Something that for the majority in her age-range, began many years before she joined the sport.

You build strength.
You might fall down. But, you get back up. And, you go again.

. . . 

"From the day I started skating, I pretty much already knew who Madeleine was. She was an incredibly gifted skater for our age range and had so much passion for the sport, that at first, I was actually intimidated to skate with her. 

"She was so powerful", recalls Morgan.

But, despite the mental setbacks that she might have encountered from those around her, Morgan saw all of this as the driving force to make her work harder, and skate faster.

"It wasn't until about 4 years ago that we actually started to realise just how much we liked training together - both on and off the ice", says Morgan when asked about their friendship.

With an hour commute each to the rink, and school schedules finally aligning, this is where the story really begins...

"Madeleine would always do our exercises perfectly when we trained, and in doing so, she began to hold me accountable - for my energy, my speed, my focus." 

The doubt that others may have placed upon Morgan's shoulders when she first joined, was slowly but surely lifting. Madeleine was motivating Morgan to reach her goals, which in turn gave her even more confidence when she managed to succeed. 

"Madeleine instinctively knows when I need to be pushed and motivated. But, she also knows - even if I don't - when I need to take a step back and relax."

Lifted By Her Friend

But friendships are hardly ever one-sided. For Madeleine, Morgan's support was just as important.

"My relationship with Morgan has grown into something so special", exclaims Madeleine. "I say this both figuratively, and literally speaking, but she's my only friend that has seen me at both my lowest, and my highest points." 

"There's something comforting about knowing she's there. That she understands, and can relate to the frustrations that skating entails. 

"Not only that, but she recognises success - allowing us to celebrate those monumental accomplishments together."

Finding friendships that encourage you to achieve, and push you to break boundaries are unfailing. But, finding those who know just how far to push you, and understanding - even if you don't - when you need to rest, are hard to come by.

It's an unbreakable bond. And an unconditional friendship.


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