International Day of Yoga | June 21st


International Day of Yoga | June 21st


So, it's June...we're halfway through the year and if that doesn't panic anybody else, we don't know what will.

Where has the time gone?

2018 so far, has seen us; conquer LA, disrupt Melbourne, Lift Brum and well, we don't know if you've heard - but a little birdie might have just announced that we're planning on taking over Dublin... don't believe us? Check it out here!

With this in mind, we realised that it was about time that we took a step back, re-charged and if anything, cleared our mind before the next big pop-up event. What better way to do just that, than on International Yoga Day?

It's time to find your zen with our top 3 yoga poses for ultimate relaxation.


The iconic yoga pose.

  1. Start on your hands and knees, with your hands hip-width apart and your knees directly underneath your hips.
  2. Press into your palms and raise your knees off of the ground.
  3. Lift your hips up and back, working to lengthen your spine.
  4. Exhale and try to straighten your legs as much as you can (your heels don't have to be flat on the ground). Keep you head tucked under.
  5. Lift your shoulders away from the ears and flatten your shoulders.


  1. Start with your right leg forward, step your back foot towards the back of the mat, creating a long stance.
  2. Bend your right leg so that your knee is in front of your ankle, but not over your toes.
  3. Extend and lengthen your arms upwards.
  4. Angle your hips towards the front and keep both feet facing the same direction.


Gymshark | Yoga

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You've seen Karina do it, now let's give it a go...

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet on the floor and arms at your side, palms down. 
  2. Press your feet and arms firmly into the floor and lift your hips toward the ceiling.
  3. Roll your shoulders underneath your body.
  4. Extend your arms along the floor beneath your pelvis. Keep your thighs and feet parallel.
  5. Press firmly into your left foot. Exhaling, bend your right knee and draw it in towards your chest. 
  6. Inhaling, extend your right leg up toward the ceiling. Reach through the ball of your foot and bring your leg as vertical as possible.
  7. Lift your hips as high as you can.
  8. Hold for up to 10 seconds. Exhale as you lower your right foot to the floor. Repeat with your left leg for the same length of time.

Whether you're thinking of practicing yoga in the park, your back garden or in an instructor-led class - our Gymshark Yoga Playlist has you covered.

Find your zen and celebrate International Yoga Day with us! 


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