HQ Gymshark 66 Challenge Week 6

HQ Gymshark 66 Challenge Week 6


Week 6 of Gymshark 66 is complete. This week the staff at GSHQ have been taking on a challenge with a bit of a twist. 

As well as being about getting physically fit and healthy, Gymshark 66 is also a challenge to take care of your mental health, and so this week we have been challenge with keeping a gratitude journal. Every day we have written down 5 things we are grateful for to help us keep a positive mindset. 

Whether it be your family, friends or smashing your own goals, it's not all about what happens in the gym...

Watch down below to see what things GSHQ staff have been grateful for this week. 

What are you grateful for this week? 

Let us know in the comments down below and remember to keep using #Gymshark66 to be a part of the Gymshark 66 family. We're loving seeing all of your progress so far! 

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